The Role of Trust & Content in the Consumer Decision-Making Process


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Do your customers trust you? Do your readers or your leads?

This presentation gets straight into the most recent Nielsen and Edelman data, giving you insight into the influence of trust and content on your consumer's buying habits.

Which sector do they trust most? Which source of information or piece of content influences the decision-making process more than any other?

Check out "The Role of Trust & Content in the Consumer Decision-Making Process" and optimize your own marketing strategy.

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The Role of Trust & Content in the Consumer Decision-Making Process

  1. The Role of Trust and Content In the Consumer Decision-Making Process w
  2. w Most Trusted Sectors Technology continues to lead. Unsurprisingly, banks are struggling with consumer trust Technology 79% Automotive 70% Food & Beverage 66% Consumer Goods 65% Energy 59% Pharmaceuticals 59% Media 51% Banking 51% 76% 58% 56% 54% 55% 53% 43% 47% 2009 2014
  3. w This data indicates a substantial change in the level of trust that the consumer has for industries - all of which has grown in the past 5 years. The struggling economy created a genuine lack of trust in all sectors, something which is decreasing as the economy grows.
  4. w Information Source Usage in the Consumer Decision-Making Process Social Media 54% User Reviews 52% Online Ads 51% Expert Reviews 46% Word of Mouth 45% Official Websites 44% TV Advertising 40% Radio Advertising 29%
  5. w This data is incredibly important for online marketers, as it indicates the substantial level of value that people have for online sources. Note that radio and TV are used far less frequently than they were 5 years ago as a source for product information.
  6. w Most Trusted Influencer to Communicate each Topic Engagement Integrity Products & Totals Services 50% 21% 30% 15% 12% 32% 37% 17% 21%21% 31% 32% 27% 25% 13% 27% 36% 25% 21% 16% 26% Company’s CEO Company’s Employee Activist Consumer Academic Media Spokesperson
  7. w This graph shows how vital it is that your business’ employees are seen as the face of your company. This is something to keep in mind with your website (“about us” pages) as well as, especially, your social media pages like Pinterest and Instagram. Showcase your employees, and how much of an influence they have on your business’ success.
  8. w Credibility of Spokespeople 67% 66% 62% 53% 52% 52% 43% 36% 2009 vs 2014 +5 +0 +15 +4 +9 +20 +12 (+0 since 2013) +7 Academic or Expert Technical Expert A Person like Yourself Financial or Industry Analyst NGO Representative Regular Employee CEO Government Official or Regulator
  9. w This graph illustrates accurately how important it is to cultivate a business personality of someone like your business. Use this persona in all professional communication (marketing emails, content creation, social media, etc). Empathize with your possible customers and they will trust your business more, leading to an increase in revenue.
  10. w Content Impact on High-Priced Items Brand Impact Expert Content User Reviews Branded Content Familiarity Lift 122 33 144 Affinity Lift 153 47 127 Purchase Intent Lift 186 57 57 High Price Items ($1000+, like a new car or flat-screen TV)
  11. w When buying an expensive product, consumers still rely on expert advice. This is the value of including expert testimonials in your pricing pages and landing pages (if your price points are above 1000 dollars).
  12. w Content Impact on Mid-Priced Items Brand Impact Expert Content User Reviews Branded Content Familiarity Lift 110 150 40 Affinity Lift 141 100 71 Purchase Intent Lift 113 75 125 Mid-Price Items ($400-999, like a smartphone, car insurance or camera)
  13. w When buying a mid-range product, consumers no longer value experts as they did with high-priced products. The study shows that once your price points drop to between 400 and 1000 dollars, consumers increasingly trust the word of people they can relate to. This is the value of including customer testimonials in your mid-range product pages.
  14. w Content Impact on Low-Priced Items Brand Impact Expert Content User Reviews Branded Content Familiarity Lift 105 94 87 Affinity Lift 74 150 75 Purchase Intent Lift 142 155 105 Low-Price Items ($399 and below, like clothing, most gadgets and food)
  15. w When buying a low-price product, consumers value the word of their peers to create familiarity, affinity as well as intent to buy. Consider the value of online reviews on Amazon, Yelp and Google. These reviews have a huge impact on the purchase of hotel bookings, gadgets and clothing. It’s the sense that ‘If it works for this person, it will work for me!”
  16. ● ● property/2014-edelman-trust-barometer w Sources:
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