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10 Landing Page Case Studies to Help you Optimize your Own


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Is your landing page up to snuff? Are you optimizing and honing on a monthly basis to ensure your website traffic is converting at the highest possible rate?

You should be.

And this presentation will give you 10 examples of businesses that have done it right. We'll give you a breakdown of these 10 case studies, showing you the before and after of tests from every sector and businesses like yours.

Here's 10 Landing Page Case Studies to Help you Optimize your Own

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10 Landing Page Case Studies to Help you Optimize your Own

  1. 1. 10 Landing Page Case Studies to Help you Optimize your Own w
  2. 2. w #1 Tester: EA Games Goal: Increase conversions and drive revenue Hypothesis: Changing the way an offer banner on the page is displayed will cause the CTA to be further up the page, and drive more purchases and increase revenue.
  3. 3. Original Page Tested Page w
  4. 4. Result EA was right, but for the wrong reason. They ran several tests, and found that rather than raising the CTA, it was eliminating the offer altogether (as seen in the tested image) that increased conversions by 43.4% w
  5. 5. #2 w Tester: B2B company Iron Mountain Goal: Increase the quality of leads generated Hypothesis: Revamping the lead generation form will improve lead quality and drive more revenue.
  6. 6. Original Page Tested Page
  7. 7. They calculated the number of high quality leads (i. e. those who submitted complete, relevant information) in comparison to the total number of leads generated (i.e. total number of forms submitted). Optimizing their entry form resulted in 140% improvement in lead quality. Result w
  8. 8. Tester: ComScore Goal: Increase the number of leads generated Hypothesis: Improving brand validation and social proof will increase the number of leads generated. To test this hypothesis, ComScore opted to put greater emphasis on client testimonials. w #3
  9. 9. Original Page Tested Page w
  10. 10. Result The small addition of the Microsoft logo improved ComScore’s brand authority and the trust of their landing page traffic. The addition improved conversions on the page by 69% w
  11. 11. Tester: SaaS company 37Signals’ “Highrise” product page Goal: Increase page conversions Hypothesis: Including a picture of a smiling woman instead of a white background will increase the page’s appeal and overall conversions w #4
  12. 12. Original Page Tested Page w
  13. 13. The appealing and personable image of a smiling girl increased the page’s conversion rates by 102.5% Result w
  14. 14. Tester: L’Axelle Goal: Increase page conversions Hypothesis: Changing their page’s headline from “comfort oriented” - selling on people feeling relaxed - to “action oriented” - selling on solving a problem - will increase conversions on their CTA. w #5
  15. 15. Original Page Tested Page w
  16. 16. The action oriented headline and copy increased conversions by 93%, to 38.3%. This means that their page was converting around 1 of every 5 visitors. It’s now converting more than 1 of every 3. Result w
  17. 17. Tester: BaseKit Goal: Increase Conversions from Pricing Page Hypothesis: Accentuating the prices, CTA, and providing a customer testimonial will improve conversions. w #6
  18. 18. Original Page Tested Page w
  19. 19. The bolder look, clearer pricing, nicer design and customer testimonial achieved a conversion rate increase of 25% Result w
  20. 20. Tester: Performable Goal: Increase page conversions Hypothesis: Making the simple change of going with a red “Get Started Now!” CTA vs a green CTA will increase conversions. w #7
  21. 21. Original Page Tested Page w
  22. 22. CTA button color is incredibly easy to test. In this instance, going from green to red increased conversions on the page by 21% Result w
  23. 23. Tester: Express Watches Goal: Increase page conversions Hypothesis: To combat the ever-present fear of counterfeit watches in their sector, Express Watches hypothesizes that changing their “Never Beaten on Price” image to a “Certified Seiko Partner” image will increase conversions. w #8
  24. 24. Original Page Tested Page w
  25. 25. In industries where a lot of fraud exists, this test is absolutely worth doing. The change from a deal-focused page to an authenticity-focused page increased conversions by 107% Result w
  26. 26. Tester: 1-800-DENTIST Goal: Increase page conversions Hypothesis: Knowing that users become more interested the deeper they are in the sign-up funnel, they hypothesize that making the initial step as easy as possible (removing form fields) will decrease bounce rates and increase conversions down the road. w #9
  27. 27. Original Page Tested Page w
  28. 28. Shortening the first step of the sign-up funnel increased conversions by 23.3% Result w
  29. 29. Tester: Shipping Company OpenMile Goal: Increase lead generation Hypothesis: Changing several variables on the landing page, including making it more focused on a contrasting CTA, mentioning “free” more frequently and removing a badly-contrasted image, will increase generation of leads. w #10
  30. 30. Original Page w
  31. 31. Tested Page w
  32. 32. Focusing attention on the red CTA (as well as contrasting it against the teal background), highlighting the word “Free”, and removing a distracting image (though not always best practice) improved lead generation on this page by 232% Result w
  33. 33. ● ● case-studies/ Sources: w
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