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Debunking Your eCommerce Assumptions - HeroConf LA 2017 - Maddie Cary


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Sales always drive revenue…mobile doesn’t convert…only women buy handbags. PPC marketers quickly buy into the same beliefs over & over again about expected eCommerce performance outcomes. But where’s the data to back it up?? Have you checked all your assumptions at the door when approaching PPC in the eCommerce space? In this session, let’s reexamine the practices we preach and debunk some common paid search assumptions around:
- Promotions & Sales
- Bidding strategy
- Device targeting
- Demographic purchasing behaviors

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Debunking Your eCommerce Assumptions - HeroConf LA 2017 - Maddie Cary

  1. 1. Debunking Your eCommerce Assumptions Maddie Cary Director of Paid Search | Point It @M addieMarketer | @point_it
  2. 2. @M addieMarketer | @point_it Director of Paid Search at Point It US Search Award winner: Best PPC Agency Oversee $65M+ in yearly media Lead awesome + talented paid search department 40 account managers 60 countries 30 languages Small to enterprise, across verticals
  3. 3. @M addieMarketer | @point_it You’ll Walk Away With PROBLEM What happens when we assume… IMPACT What’s the effect on paid search performance FIXING IT What are the actions you can take now to fix it RESULTS! Be better marketers, drive better RESULTS
  4. 4. @M addieMarketer | @point_it PROBLEM = ASSUMING
  5. 5. Why do we assume? @M addieMarketer | @point_it Uh….to SURVIVE Emotions vs. Reason Those who survived used emotional radar = instinct Quick decision making Emotions = first “screener” to all information receivedLOOK ALIVE, GIRL!
  6. 6. Humans being humans @M addieMarketer | @point_it We get too comfortable making assumptions about audiences in e-commerce Because we are HUMANS who think we know about other HUMANS ALRIGHT NOW… WHOSE BABY IS THAT??
  7. 7. Keywords vs. Audience @M addieMarketer | @point_it DYNAMIC Customized Content Dynamically Generated & Served AUDIENCE Focused STATIC Static Ad Content Standard Ad Serving KEYWORD Focused
  8. 8. @M addieMarketer | @point_it IMPACT OF ASSUMPTIONS
  9. 9. Most Common @M addieMarketer | @point_it • Promotions & Sales WANT Bidding Strategy LOOK FOR Device Targeting USE ARE Demographic Targeting We assume that we know what searchers…
  10. 10. @M addieMarketer | @point_it “Sales & promotions always drive revenue lifts” ASSUMPTION: WHAT SEARCHERS WANT
  11. 11. Too Many? Too Few? @M addieMarketer | @point_it BF-CM 2015 BF-CM 2016 REVENUE Online consignment client never did promos or sales Black Friday discount test = +30% YoY increase in revenue + orders
  12. 12. Percentage vs. Dollar Off @M addieMarketer | @point_it 15% OFF $50 OFF Ad Copy Study What’s the original price? Over/under $100? How difficult is the mental math? Which “sounds” higher? What’s the perceived value or quality of product? “It Depends” Don’t assume you know what will work:
  13. 13. @M addieMarketer | @point_it Shipping More Important 80M9 of 1060% of abandoned cart rates linked to shipping costs estimated Amazon Prime Members worldwide, who look for 1-2 day delivery consumers say free shipping #1 incentive to shop online
  14. 14. @M addieMarketer | @point_it “To increase sales always bid to Position 1.0” ASSUMPTION: WHAT SEARCHERS LOOK FOR
  15. 15. @M addieMarketer | @point_it Diminishing Returns INVESTMENT R E T U R N Pos 1.0 Low demand Capturing it all Pos 1.0 Increased investment, revenue growth! Pos 1.0 Additional cost not driving more return Competitors - How many - How much they invest Available query volume Bidding for Pos 1.0 is not a sure thing Budget limitations Sustained ROI
  16. 16. @M addieMarketer | @point_it “Bidding on Brand keywords is a waste of money. Organic will pick it up!” ASSUMPTION: WHAT SEARCHERS LOOK FOR
  17. 17. @M addieMarketer | @point_it #TeamBidOnBrand 50% incremental click lift lost when organic only Could lose +80% paid search revenue Dominate SERP results Control & test your brand messaging Direct landing experience beyond homepage Additional bells & whistles via sitelinks & extensions Push out your competitors Capture high value consumers Measure brand awareness & query demand over time Paid branded clicks have 4X higher conv rates vs. non-brand I BRAND PPC Generate trust & authority Still not convinced? You also…
  18. 18. @M addieMarketer | @point_it “Mobile doesn’t work for paid search eCommerce” ASSUMPTION: WHAT SEARCHERS USE
  19. 19. @M addieMarketer | @point_it Stop Ignoring Mobile Number of Mobile devices has surpassed Desktop Mobile search volume has also surpassed Desktop
  20. 20. @M addieMarketer | @point_it Cross-Device Purchasing We approach Desktop & Mobile as if their audiences don’t overlap
  21. 21. @M addieMarketer | @point_it Mobile Growth Mobile e-Commerce is growing 300x faster than e-Commerce
  22. 22. +20% revenue growth Beauty brand eCommerce client, mobile set up took only 1 hour… Automatic Mobile Opt-Out @M addieMarketer | @point_it
  23. 23. Enterprise client decided to test mobile checkout Sure, mobile only added +5% lift But who wants to tell their boss they missed out on $4M in revenue?? 95% 5% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Desktop/Tablet Mobile $3.7M in additional revenue “Too big” for mobile @M addieMarketer | @point_it
  24. 24. @M addieMarketer | @point_it “Only women buy [jewelry, handbags, clothing, etc]” ASSUMPTION: WHO SEARCHERS ARE
  25. 25. @M addieMarketer | @point_it Ladies Rule, Guys Cool Too High-end handbag client wanted to exclude men from search targeting 15% of revenue 85% of revenue 2x higher AOV
  26. 26. @M addieMarketer | @point_it Don’t Assume The Buyer Find the Perfect Gift For Him Find the Perfect Gift For Her Wordstream case study Originally used “Gift for Him or Her” for Valentine’s Day promotion +60% CTR +140% CVR +30% CTR +110% CVR
  27. 27. @M addieMarketer | @point_it “Old people don’t purchase online” ASSUMPTION: WHO SEARCHERS ARE
  28. 28. @M addieMarketer | @point_it “Old” People Got It Down 1 in 4 online shoppers is 54 or older I’M KILLIN’ IT
  29. 29. @M addieMarketer | @point_it “Young people don’t want to buy. They want everything cheap or free” ASSUMPTION: WHO SEARCHERS ARE
  30. 30. @M addieMarketer | @point_it Young Money Depiction of your average Millennial 52% More likely to make impulse purchases 1/2 shop for apparel 2x/month vs. 1/3 of older gen 45% spend 1 hour+ per day looking at retail websites
  31. 31. @M addieMarketer | @point_it FIXING OUR ASSUMPTIONS
  32. 32. @M addieMarketer | @point_it 3 STEP PROCESS CHECK YO’SELF COLLECT YO’SELF TEST YO’SELF #1 #2 #3
  33. 33. CHECK your assumptions @M addieMarketer | @point_it • WANTS LOOK FORS USES IS Create a list of what you think your audience:
  34. 34. @M addieMarketer | @point_it COLLECT data AdWords (Demographics for Search) Bing Ads Facebook Google Analytics
  35. 35. @M addieMarketer | @point_it TEST something!
  36. 36. Be better marketers, drive better RESULTS
  37. 37. THANK YOU Check out our blog: @M addieMarketer | @point_it Download this deck: MaddieCary