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Picker Nov 17 MatExp - Simple things - FW-GP final


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Gill Phillips and Florence Wilcock's presentation in London and Leeds Nov 2017 as part of a day organised by Picker Europe, sharing the maternity survey results

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Picker Nov 17 MatExp - Simple things - FW-GP final

  1. 1. Simple things count! #MatExp Improving Maternity experience Florence Wilcock & Gill Phillips & members of the #MatExp team #MatExp
  2. 2. Introduction Responding to a need for change Working collaboratively across boundaries Challenging existing assumptions
  3. 3. Maternity experience - five pilot workshops across London #MatExp was ‘born’- A grassroots movement aimed at improving maternity experience for families and the staff who care for them.
  4. 4. How? Whose Shoes?® board game as a tool for dialogue Scenario sparks conversation Solutions captured by graphic facilitation Multi- disciplinary team and users
  5. 5. The journey since • Today we are part of a much bigger #MatExp community • Active engagement across social media • Over 40 trusts using WhoseShoes?® game to talk to women and staff and spark improvement
  6. 6.  Embed film In Their Shoes….themes from pilot workshops
  7. 7. Graphics by New Possibilities. How can we achieve safe & personalised care?
  8. 8. Simple things count ...  Plenty of simple things can make a difference to how a woman feels about her birth.  Memories of birth experience are life long
  9. 9. Graphics by New Possibilities.
  10. 10. Building relationships Image by Tom Bailey
  11. 11. Link between staff experience and patient experience Get to know your team! Graphics by New Possibilities.
  12. 12. Ideas to try out • Local Randomised coffee trial • Monthly match people of different disciplines & grades to get to know each other and see other perspectives • Job swaps/shadowing
  13. 13. Multidisciplinary team work includes women & families Maternity Voice Partnerships Do you have one? Are you a member? How are you going to involve them in acting on this feedback? Is there effective co- production?
  14. 14. National Maternity Voices
  15. 15. Have a new challenge each month – like Leeds… 2017 January: Lithotomy challenge February: Language challenge March: Focus on young parents Reflect and write about it – like Sarah Winfield
  16. 16. Young parents session Leeds
  17. 17. Have you done the…. Lithotomy challenge? How did it feel ? Florence Wilcock’s famous #lithotomychallenge
  18. 18. Turn it into a challenge to involve others…
  19. 19. What about the …. Theatre challenge? Derby
  20. 20. Graphics by New Possibilities.
  21. 21.  #Hellomynameis WS theatre poem Derby embed video
  22. 22. Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved. Impact of Language What words do you use?
  23. 23. Maternity Language blog by @JetlagJap What we say…. What a mother hears…. Its not recommended…. I'm insane for thinking about it There are risks…. My baby is in danger! You are not in established labour I am pathetic and I'm wasting their time You are failing to progress/dilate…. I have failed I cant do this You need to….. My choice and consent are irrelevant Emergency Caesarean If I’m not under the knife in two minutes my baby will die There is an abnormality My baby is hideously deformed and may die
  24. 24. • #Hellomynameis…..introduce yourself. • Use the woman’s name e.g. NOT ‘Room24’, ‘the breech’ etc • Don’t talk across her or turn your back • Include the partner • Explain what her options are & why you are suggesting things • Keep the door closed and reduce interruptions To keep human
  25. 25. What language would you like to BAN? Graphics by New Possibilities.
  26. 26.  Guidelines are just that  we can recommend and support decision making but it is the woman’s decision #breaktherules
  27. 27. Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved.
  28. 28. Lewisham & Greenwich Ideas! Whose Shoes? sessions for Dads Student midwives Smokers More groups planned… A Place of birth poster
  29. 29. Alder Hey – 17 November 2017 – and Hillingdon... – Dads need support too!
  30. 30. Kingston  Poems and graphics  Visual reminders
  31. 31. Wall displays
  32. 32. Maternity Graffiti
  33. 33. Theatres:  Demystify theatres  Baby straight to parents  Optimal cord clamping  Skin to skin
  34. 34. Obstetric Unit:  ‘Complex’ women deserve a nice birth environment too!  Birthing pool  Balls & mats  Telemetry
  35. 35. Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved.
  36. 36. Ideas!  Drop in sessions  Teaching students & trainees  Interviewing  Induction for volunteers  Road show!  Library
  37. 37. Join the (social media) #MatExp community!  Pledges to take action  Work closely together  Find people who share your passion  Share results #MatExp
  38. 38. ‘Old power’ and ‘new power’ – coming together through #MatExp
  39. 39. Make it FUN…  Get creative  Wall displays  Graffiti board  Cakes!
  40. 40. Steller stories – advent calendar Make it topical…
  41. 41. Anything is possible…
  42. 42. Anyone can make change – professionals
  43. 43. Anyone can make change – women and families Leigh Kendall #Hugoslegacy
  44. 44. Over to you… On your tables you have some cards to spark conversations. We’ve chosen common topics we think you will be tackling We want you to think outside the box, brainstorm some solutions
  45. 45. Graphics by New Possibilities. Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved.
  46. 46. Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved. Graphics by New Possibilities.
  47. 47. Grab those pens & get creative  What are the challenges you face as a maternity service with this topic?  What is an immediate idea to improve this that you could try out in your service tomorrow?  What is an idea to improve this that you could try out in your service next month?  Do you have any solutions to this issue that you would be willing to share with other units?
  48. 48. What ideas would you like to share with the room? Graphics by New Possibilities.
  49. 49. What are you going to do differently?
  50. 50. From Alder Hey – Friday 17 November Graphics by New Possibilities..
  51. 51. Spreading the learning… • New second edition of toolkit ity-experience-workshops-a-guide-for-running- events/ • Best Practice case studies producing-maternity-solutions-case-studies/ ity-co-designed-case-studies-nobodys-patient/ • Available to download from London SCN publications
  52. 52. Thank you to the many women, families and staff who have made our work possible!
  53. 53. For more information Flo Wilcock: @FWmaternity Gill Phillips: @WhoseShoes Join us!