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#MindNBody - the story so far


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Update for the national perinatal mental health networks event - London, 5 July 2018

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#MindNBody - the story so far

  1. 1. #MatExp #MindNBody #WhoseShoes #NHS70 Walk in the shoes of… new parents and parents-to-be sharing their experiences of mental health care Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes Louise Nunn – London (15/6) Kirstie McKenzie-McHarg – West Midlands (20/6) Claire Bullock – South West (27/6)
  2. 2. #MatExp – origins and key principles Responding to a need for change Working collaboratively across boundaries Challenging existing assumptions • Kirkup and Francis reports • Health and Social Care Act • CQC Survey Results - London • National Maternity Review • Better Births: personalisation • National Maternal & Neonatal Health Safety Collaborative • Five Year Forward Plan for Mental Health
  3. 3. #MatExp was ‘born’- A grassroots movement aimed at improving maternity experience for families and the staff who care for them. Maternity experience 5 pilot workshops across London
  4. 4. Whose Shoes? is a tool that looks at issues from different perspectives And gets people who wouldn’t normally talk together... Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved. Whose Shoes?®... ... talking about things that matter. As equals.
  5. 5. How? Whose Shoes® board game as a tool for dialogue Scenario sparks conversation Solutions captured by graphic facilitation Multi- disciplinary team and users
  6. 6. Catalyst for Change Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What are the challenges / barriers / opportunities? Whose Shoes? will help you find and navigate a path Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Anyone can make change – women and families Leigh Kendall #Hugoslegacy
  8. 8. The journey since • Today we are part of a much bigger #MatExp community • Very influential social media presence • Over a billion Twitter impressions! • Whose Shoes? workshops in 50 maternity units … and growing…
  9. 9. Special topic workshops
  10. 10. Bereavement care in Leeds
  11. 11. 2017… – presenting at a global conference!
  12. 12. 1. Families with newborn babies in neo-natal units (NNU) and paediatrics 2. Women faced with unexpectedly serious illness, sometimes life threatening, in pregnancy or the immediate postnatal period 3. Women who lose their baby in the second trimester.
  13. 13. ‘Nobody’s Patient’ Project Examples of completed pledges at Kingston Hospital relevant to perinatal mental health: • Parents able to skype their baby in NNU via iPad • Reworded risk investigation letter to families • Re naming ‘High Risk Triage’ Oak room
  14. 14. Redesign of neonatal service across Alder Hey and Liverpool Women’s hospitals - 28 June 2018
  15. 15. Case studies – let’s create some more! Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Graphics by New Possibilities
  17. 17. #MindNBodyLdn London event, 15 June 2018
  18. 18. #MindNBodyWM West Midlands event, 20 June 2018
  19. 19. Real viewpoints sourced from real people Poems read in London - 15 June Cross-fertilisation between regions
  20. 20. #MindNBodySW South West event, 27 June 2018
  21. 21. Invitation to develop scenarios relevant to South West Walk in the shoes of people… Accessing/ delivering services in rural areas With perinatal mental health issues and isolation/ loneliness in rural settings Experiencing stigma around perinatal mental health in farming and military communities
  22. 22. Next steps Finalise #MindNBody resources Make them immediately available to over 40 trusts Collate and share new perinatal mental health case studies Keep building #MatExp, connecting and sharing!
  23. 23. For more informationa Contact: Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes Catherine MacLennan @thepinksnblues