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*Launch* of #MatExp #MindNBody campaign in London


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We are crowdsourcing new Whose Shoes scenarios and poems to extend the #MatExp

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*Launch* of #MatExp #MindNBody campaign in London

  1. 1. #MatExp – ‘#MindNBody’ London 4th Annual perinatal mental health conference 31st Jan 2018
  2. 2. #MatExp - A grassroots movement aimed at improving maternity experience for families and the staff who care for them. Graphics by New Possibilities.
  3. 3. Crowd sourced feedback Whose Shoes® board game as a tool for dialogue Scenario sparks conversation Solutions captured by graphic facilitation Multi- disciplinary team and users
  4. 4. Workshops sparking multi professional collaboration, action and co production • Health Care Professional ‘ I will remind people at every opportunity that there is a person at the end of everything we do’ • Service User ‘It made me feel as if I wasn’t alone’ Some examples….
  5. 5. Leigh • HELLP syndrome at 24 weeks’ pregnant (rare, life- threatening pregnancy complication – can cause multiple organ failure unless baby is born). • My son Hugo weighed just 420 grams (about the same size as a tin of baked beans) • Hugo lived for 35 days. • He was too small, and premature. His treatment was withdrawn. • Diagnosed with PTSD, took two years to get support. • Campaigning for improved support for bereaved parents • Raising awareness of pregnancy complications, and issues affecting neonatal families.
  6. 6. Nobody’s Patient at St George’s Hospital
  7. 7. Birth and Perinatal Mental Health Instead of you against my chest, they took you away, I tried my best The lights above hurt my eyes, no one could hear my inner cries. Their last words fill my ears, quick, or else we lose her here. Was I alive, I couldn’t tell Was this an angel to bid my farewell. In HDU strange smells, and sounds, doctors coming, going doing their rounds. Many days without you near, filling me with doubt and fear. Then your tiny face, a touch of your hand, in a plastic box, this is not what I planned. On the ward instead of love and care, cruel words, compassion was no where. Physical scars slowly healed, but emotionally I had no shield. PTSD became my chalice, filling my days and nights with Malice. Perinatal mental health truly matters, a difficult birth can leave mothers dreams in tatters. Emma Jane @EmmaJaneSas @unfoldURwings
  8. 8. Walsall NHS Trust Workshop
  9. 9. Improving Maternity services and improving Perinatal Mental Health • Prevention – Support during Pregnancy • Specialist PNMH Services/Clinic • Emotional Support • Information on Medication for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding • Birth Trauma/Tokophobia • Awareness for staff the impact care has on Perinatal Mental Health
  10. 10. The porter who gave my shoulder a squeeze when I was being taken for a scan The consultant who rang every morning and night despite having seen me at least 3 times during the day and coming in on his weekend off to see how I was The GP's who have just been there and fought for me when I couldn't do it for myself The psychologist who went above and beyond to sit with me in my pain and sadness The pathologist who arranged for us to bring our baby home and told my husband he knew the pain as he had been there too and it was ok for him not to be strong all the time Catherine MacLennan @thepinksnblues The doctor - who guided me through every aspect of my care and gently told me there was nothing that could be done for my baby. Who when he returned on shift came into my room and simply said "I am so sorry" The paramedic - who gently took our baby from my hands and said he would make sure our baby was looked after but he needed to look after me right then The A&E nurse who asked us if we would like to see our baby and hold her The healthcare assistant who painstakingly tried to remove all traces of dried blood from me whilst allowing me my dignity The student midwife who sat with me in the hours I still had hope and when that hope had gone The midwife who brought our son to us showing the utmost respect for him and us
  11. 11. Catherine @thepinksnblues #FastLoss #NobodysPatient #SecTriLoss Women who lose a baby in the second trimester
  12. 12. The journey • Join the #MatExp community • Over 40 Whose Shoes workshops and #MatExp actions have run up & down the country!
  13. 13. Spreading the learning… • New second edition of toolkit & Two sets of Best Practice case studies can be downloaded • Videos, webinars, steller stories and more
  14. 14. Safe and Personalised care • Safe and Personalised care now mainstay of National Maternity Transformation #BetterBirths • We continue to emphasise the importance of listening to families and promoting effective co production to improve care.
  15. 15. • New project focused on holistic care of women and families through pregnancy birth and beyond! • Get involved! • #MatExp #MindNBody
  16. 16. For more information Flo: @FWmaternity Leigh: @leighakendall Emma Jane: @EmmaJaneSas Catherine: @thepinksnblues Louise Page