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RCOG World Congress


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Florence Wilcock and Emma Crookes talk about #MatExp, Maternity Voices Partnerships and all things #MatExp Whose Shoes at the World RCOG Congress June 2019.

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RCOG World Congress

  1. 1. Improving Women’s Experience of Maternity Care Florence Wilcock, Consultant Obstetrician & Emma Crookes, RCOG Women’s Network RCOG World Congress 19th June 2019 @Fwmaternity @thedivinemiss_p
  2. 2. #HelloMyNameIs…
  3. 3. Links between experience and safety are clear Each Baby Counts & Mbrrace demonstrate the importance of listening to women and their families’ concerns
  4. 4. The National Maternity and Perinatal Audit ▪ Organisational Survey ▪ Clinical Audit Report ▪ A series of periodic Sprint Audits ▪ Measures provision, processes and outcomes of individual hospitals against their peers and opens up conversations
  5. 5. Build relationships with women and families as part of the maternity team: #Coproduction
  6. 6. #MatExp was ‘born’ Maternity experience five pilot workshops across London
  7. 7. A tool to ignite conversations Whose Shoes® board game as a tool for dialogue Scenario sparks conversation Solutions captured by graphic facilitation Multi- disciplinary team and users • All resources genuine crowd sourced material. • Lived experience of women, families, staff
  8. 8. Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved. Whose Shoes?® workshop in action
  9. 9. #MatExp A grassroots movement aimed at improving maternity experience for families and the staff who care for them. Graphics by New Possibilities
  10. 10. “I gave BIRTH to my baby. YOU DID NOT deliver him – he's not a pizza” “What’s ‘normal’ for you, isn’t for me” “Midwifery and Obstetrics mean ‘with woman’ and ‘areas of health concerned with childbirth’ – I’m not interested in Dads or partners” “Saying, ‘I want to examine you’, isn’t gaining MY consent” “I didn’t know which person was the doctor” “I want to know the pros AND the cons of my options” #MatVoices “I didn’t know I had a choice” “What’s happening with feeding – you need to make a decision.” “I can’t attend my scan as my child isn’t allowed in the scan room & I don’t have childcare” “I know you want a clip on the baby’s head but I don’t think it’s necessary” “I wasn’t allowed a water birth” “Why wasn’t I told about GBS?” “You should try harder to breastfeed your baby who has a tongue tie” “Does your Mummy not know what contraception is?” Graphics by New Possibilities.
  11. 11. Successful use as catalyst for improvement in sensitive subjects #MindNBody: Perinatal Mental Health Nobody’s Patient: Women who fall between gaps in services Graphics by New Possibilities
  12. 12. Latest Topics Smoking New Possibilities Lewisham and Greenwich leading the way …
  13. 13. Down Syndrome Nicola Enoch – Positive About Down Syndrome (PADS) Latest Topics
  14. 14. London – lots… Guernsey Cumbria Colchester, Cambridge Leeds, Barnsley, Hull Liverpool, Manchester, Oldham, Warrington, Nottingham South West – lots! West Midlands – lots! East and South of England! – lots! Ireland – Galway, Limerick, Portiuncula Scotland – Dundee And many more planned… 60 Whose Shoes? maternity / neonatal sites … and growing
  15. 15. 15 Using board games with men to facilitate uptake of maternity services in Uganda Perceptions about game “For me, I have loved the game, it is wonderful and educative. This is a very good tool to sensitise men to be there for their wives” quote from focus groupAlice Ladur PhD candidate Reference: Ladur AN, van Teijlingen E, Hundley V `Whose Shoes?’ Testing an educational board game with men of African descent living in the UK, BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth 2018;18:81.
  16. 16. Better Births: National Maternity Review 2015 Audience Question: How many professionals on average does a UK woman meet during her maternity journey? A. <5 B. 6-10 C. 11-15 D. 15-20 E. >20
  17. 17. The average was 20 professionals, plus a countless number of other staff GP Pharmacist Community Midwives Sonographer Hospital Clinic Midwife Obs Consultant Homebirth Midwifery Team Women’s Physiotherapist Wellbeing Midwifery Team (smoking cessation, MMH etc) Obs Registrar Students Triage midwives Early Pregnancy Unit MidwivesHealth Visitor Infant Feeding Midwifery Team Neonatal Nurse Paediatrician Anaesthetist A & E nurse A & E doctor Antenatal Class Midwives Theatre staff Labour Suite midwives Antenatal Day Unit midwives Practice Nurse Ante/Postnatal Ward midwives MCAs
  18. 18. Our Role as Obstetricians ◼ Shift of power from paternalism to partnership ◼ Understanding the person in the context of their life & what is important to them ◼ Challenge your assumptions ◼ Teamwork
  19. 19. Take it a step further; put yourselves in women’s shoes… Have you done the Lithotomy Challenge? How did it feel? Reflect & share your solutions!
  20. 20. Birth Environment Theatre ◼ Demystify theatres ◼ Baby straight to parents ◼ Delayed cord clamping ◼ #SkintoSkin Obstetric unit ◼ Complex women deserve a nice birth environment too! ◼ Birthing pool ◼ Balls & mats ◼ Telemetry
  21. 21. Homebirth What do you say about homebirth? Audience question: Have you been at a home birth? A. Yes, more than once B. Yes, once only C. No, but would like to D. No
  22. 22. Get involved, make a difference! Audience question: Are you already involved in effective co-production? A. No or not interested B. No but would like to be C. Some involvement but interested to do more D. Already actively involved Opportunities: ◼ Maternity Voices Partnerships ◼ RCOG Women’s Network ◼ Charities and parents groups
  23. 23. RCOG Women’s Network Twin Animators and The Satrun Sisters @DoulaGeorgie ◼ 14 lay members, 3 clinicians, 1 trainee, 1 VP ◼ Women’s Voices Involvement Panel – virtual group of over 500 #ExpertsByExperience ◼ Ensures women are at the heart of everything the College does ◼ Champions the best in women’s health care ◼ We work in collaboration with clinicians on a wide range of committees and projects ◼ YouTube channel: UQH9JY1PWYHlRASjkQ
  24. 24. Spreading good ideas… Three sets of ‘Best Practice’ case studies can be downloaded with simple ideas to replicate ◼ ication/maternity-co-designed- case-studies-nobodys-patient/ ◼ ication/co-producing-maternity- solutions-case-studies/ ◼ esource/mindnbody-co- designing-perinatal-mental- health-services/
  25. 25. Thank you! Resources MindNbody project video London Clinical network film & training pack content/uploads/2014/11/mat-training-brief-062015.pdf Slide show of ideas of little things that can make a difference given at Picker Maternity workshops UK Nov/Dec 2017 fwgp-final Find out a little more about #MatExp NMPA website Join us! @FWmaternity @thedivinemiss_p #MatExp #MatVoices #RCOGWN #WomensVoices