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LinkedIn Basics


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LinkedIn is a professional platform designed to connect people with one another and professions.

This document was created for Concordia University Irvine CU Shine Social Media Sessions. Please ask permission to use it for your own training purposes.

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LinkedIn Basics

  1. 1. CU Shine Social Media Series May 28, 2014 THE BASICS OF LINKEDIN 1. Profile ! Your profile is your greeting card to the public. It’s your LinkedIn page that describes you: your career history, education, interests, and other related content you may want to publish. There are a variety of features offered that leverage your profile or others’ profiles to help you meet you objectives. Some of these features include a summary, experience, skills, projects, publications, endorsements and recommendations. Website URLS and videos can also be included to better showcase your skills. It’s best to use a professional photo clearly showing your face. 2. Recommendations 
 Recommendations are comments written to recommend a colleague, business partner, or provider of a professional service. Recruiters and hiring managers read recommendations and take them into account when considering prospective new hires. It’s important to note though, that failing to get recommendations won’t hurt you in a job application process. Rather, recommendations help validate claims you make on your resume as well as offer credibility to your proclaimed results. The best way to receiving a 1CU Shine 2014 Tip: Search for friends, family, and co-workers within LinkedIn to make a connection.
  2. 2. CU Shine Social Media Series May 28, 2014 recommendation is by asking for one by a friend, co-worker or manager. Best practices in this are to ask personally (don’t use the blanket email provided), reply with a thank you whether or not a recommendation was written for you and to write a recommendation for the person whom you’ve asked. 3. Groups ! LinkedIn Groups provides a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts. Groups may be open or membership only. Membership only groups require you to submit a request to join at which point the moderator of the group will decided to allow you in or not. Membership only groups are designed to maintain the best content and social interaction. Within groups job postings can be made and found. ! 4. Companies ! A company page on LinkedIn helps LinkedIn Members learn about your business, brand, and job opportunities. Any LinkedIn Member can follow any Company Page. By following a company page, Members are notified on their wall of recent updates made by the company. Members can also see Connections to the company which allows for richer engagement. 2CU Shine 2014 Visit CUI at: company/concordia- university-irvine
  3. 3. CU Shine Social Media Series May 28, 2014 LINKEDIN Vocabulary ! Connection: LinkedIn members who have accepted an invitation to connect (1st degree) 1st Degree Connections: Direct connections - person’s you know on a personal, professional level 2nd Degree Connections: Connections to each of your 1st degree connections 3rd Degree Connections: Connections to those in your 2nd degree connections Endorsement: InMail or Messages: Private messages that allow you to directly contact and LinkedIn member while protecting the recipient’s privacy. Network: A group of users that can contact you through connections up to three degrees away. RESOURCES ! recommendations/ ! CONTACT INFORMATION !LinkedIn Set-up: LinkedIn Settings: LinkedIn Troubleshooting: General Linkedin Questions: !! 3CU Shine 2014