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OER Landscape: Zero Textbook Cost Degrees


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Keynote presentation at the Aug 2019 conference, Open Education Texas: Policy, Practice, and Potential confere Focus on recent OER and Zero Textbook Cost Degrees in Texas and California.

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OER Landscape: Zero Textbook Cost Degrees

  1. 1. Community College OER/ZTC Degrees Una Daly, Director CCCOER Open Education Consortium Aug 7, 2019 Unless otherwise indicated, this presentation is licensed CC-BY 4.0
  2. 2. Community of Practice • Expand access to high-quality OER • Support faculty choice & development • Open education leadership • Student success • Alamo Colleges • Austin Community College • Dallas Community Colleges • Grayson Community College • Houston Community College • North Central College • Virtual College (DIGITEX)
  3. 3. OER/ZTC Degree Landscape “Full Degree Pathway of OER/Zero Textbook Cost Materials” Z-23 Virginia Community Colleges
  4. 4. OER/ZTC Degrees Texas-Style
  5. 5. California Community Colleges • 115 institutions • 2.1 million students • 20% all US community college students • 12% of all US students
  6. 6. Open Educational Resources State + Foundation Funding 2014: OER Council for Higher Education 2015: California Open Online Library for Education ( 2016: OER Adoption Incentive Program 2018: Course Labeling … high-quality teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released pursuant to an intellectual property license that permits their free use and repurposing by others, and may include other resources that are legally available and free of cost to students. California Education Code Section 78052(a) Image: Adapted from Open Educational Resources" by Jonathan Mello, UNESCO is licensed under CC BY 3.0
  7. 7. Zero Textbook Cost Degrees … community college degrees or career education certificates earned entirely by completing courses that eliminate conventional textbook costs by using alternative instructional materials and methodologies, including open educational resources California Education Code Section 78052(a) • $5 million total allocation • Grants up to $150,000 • 28 grantees • 34 certificates & degrees • Transfer degree priority • 50% Career Education
  8. 8. Diversity of Focus Areas Communications Geography Social & Behavioral Sciences Liberal Arts Math Philosophy Political Science Psychology Physics …. Administration of Justice Biotechnology Lab Technician Early Childhood Education Business Administration Precision Agricultural Architectural Technology Small Business Respiratory Care Water Systems Technology .... Career EducationAcademic Transfer
  9. 9. Community of Practice Meetups Agree/strongly agree after attending Sept ‘18 OER/ZTC Summit: ● “I have an increased awareness of key stakeholders who can support the success of ZTC degree development at my institution.” (86% ) ● “I feel better able to address student affordability concerns through OER adoption and ZTC degrees.” (91%) ● “I have an increased awareness of the benefits and challenges for faculty of developing OER courses for a ZTC degree.” (87%)
  10. 10. Equity Champions Program ● Linking Guided Pathways to OER/ZTC ● Focus on Sustainability ● Canvas Commons Course ● Librarians, Faculty, Staff Graphics adapted from An Introduction to Guided Pathways, available on the Vision Resource Center, by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
  11. 11. Student Engagement & Advocacy Photos, posters: James Glapa-Grossklag, Natalie Miller, Students at College of the Canyons, CC-BY
  12. 12. Results to Date Projected savings: $42,912,828 ● 23,373 Students ● 34 Certificate and Degree programs ● 858% ROI on $5 million. Early results (1/4 of colleges reporting) ● Students in ZTC courses outperformed those in traditional courses in terms of grades and pass rates. ● No difference in terms of withdrawal rates Materials housed in Vision Resource Center and soon public facing California Open Online Library for Education ( Image:
  13. 13. Questions? Contact Info: Una Daly- Director, CCCOER, Twitter: @unatdaly, @cccoer, @oeconsortium