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CCCOER Presents: Fall 2019 Open Education Conferences Recap


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Two major OER conferences are scheduled for fall 2019: The 16th Annual Open Education Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Open Education Global Conference in Milan, Italy. This webinar will showcase some of the presentations and experiences of CCCOER community members.

When: Wednesday, December 4th, 12pm PT/ 3pm ET
Featured Speakers:
Marilyn Billings, Head, Office of Scholarly Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Una Daly, CCCOER Director, Open Education Consortium
Brittany Dudek, Library Director, Colorado Community Colleges Online
James Glapa-Grossklag, Dean, Ed Technology, Learning Resources, and Distance Learning, College of the Canyons, California
Terry Greene, Learning Technologist, Fleming College, Ontario
Jen Klaudinyi, Faculty Librarian, Portland Community College, Oregon

Several presenters will be giving short recaps of their presentations. We will update this list as speakers are confirmed

Sue Tashjian, Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Online Learning, Northern Essex Community College

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CCCOER Presents: Fall 2019 Open Education Conferences Recap

  1. 1. Conference Recap & Reflections: OpenEd & OE Global Dec 4, 2019, 12:00 pm PST Welcome to Unless otherwise indicated, this presentation is licensed CC-BY 4.0
  2. 2. Agenda ● Introductions ● CCCOER overview ● Conference Recap and Reflections ● Q & A ● Upcoming events and announcements
  3. 3. Speakers Moderator: Sue Tashjian Coordinator of Instructional Technology & Online Learning, Northern Essex Community College ● Marilyn Billings, Office of Scholarly Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst ● Una Daly, CCCOER Director, Open Education Consortium ● Brittany Dudek, Library Director, Colorado Community Colleges Online ● James Glapa-Grossklag, Dean, Ed Technology, Learning Resources, and Distance Learning, College of the Canyons ● Terry Green, Learning Technologist, Fleming College ● Jen Klaudinyi, Faculty Librarian, Portland Community College
  4. 4. ● Expand awareness & access to high- quality OER ● Support faculty choice & development ● Inform regional leadership policy ● Improve student success & equity CCCOER Mission
  5. 5. Membership Fall 2019 15 State-wide Memberships
  6. 6. Una Daly Placeholder OpenEd and OE Global 2019 Updates What went down and what’s coming up next year Una Daly CCCOER, Director Open Education Global
  7. 7. OpenEd 2019 - Phoenix ● 850 Attendees/over 400 newcomers ● Students were a key differentiator ● David Wiley steps down as organizer after 16 years ● Community survey indicates strong desire to continue ● Call for interest in OpenEd 2020 Planning ○ ○
  8. 8. Regional Leaders in Open Education (RLOE) ● Launched Oct 29 at Glendale Community College, >50 attendees ● Four Workgroups Established ○ Policy and Strategy ○ Professionalism of the Open Educator ○ Stewardship of Open Content and Data ○ Sustainability ● Possible Outcomes: ○ papers, ○ frameworks ○ updating existing resources ● Open Education Week Announcements
  9. 9. OE Global 2019 - Milano ● ~250 Attendees/half newcomers ● Registrants from over 40 countries ● Action labs, World cafes, Lightning Rounds ● Social Justice/Ed Tech Foci ● 2020 conference: Taiwan, Nov 20-22 ○ Chinese language track ● OEC rebrands as OE Global
  10. 10. Student Panelists from Italy, Germany, & U.S. Far left: Trudi Radtke, College of the Canyons, California
  11. 11. 2019 OE Awards of Excellence
  12. 12. Better Than Free: The Equity and Open Education Faculty Cohort A professional development experience at Portland Community College Jen Klaudinyi Faculty Librarian
  13. 13. “Open White Door Interior” is licensed under CC0
  14. 14. “EOEExploreScreenshot”islicensedunderCC-BY (seesiteforindividualphotoattributions
  15. 15. Total budget expended: $22,001 Part 1, Explore: $200 stipends 44 faculty over 3 terms Development hours: 20 (does not include facilitation time) Part 2, Implement: $300 stipends 29 faculty over 3 terms
  16. 16. “The value in using OER goes beyond cost savings. When I began this cohort, the cost savings was the only thing on my mind. I saw this alone as an effort towards equity for students. Now I understand there are many ways that using Creative Commons materials, can help me work towards equity in the classroom.” - Alexie McKee, Biology
  17. 17. Jen Klaudinyi
  18. 18. MA Open Education - Achieving Access for All This project is funded by MassachusettsDepartment of Higher Education Performance Incentive Fund Marilyn Billings Head, Office of Scholarly Communication, UMass Amherst
  19. 19. MA Public Higher Education Institutions
  20. 20. Goals of MA Open Education PIF Grant • To raise awareness of Open Educational Resources. • To build capacity for adopting, adapting and creating OERs in MA public undergraduate higher education. • Create course materials for MA Transfer Block courses. • To provide professional development opportunities through workshops and course creation. Addressing “Big Three” statewide priority objectives: access & affordability, retention & success, graduation rates.
  21. 21. Assessing the Landscape & Developing the Survey ●Knowledge of OER activities at Massachusetts colleges & universities. ●Mapping of existing activities & identification of training needs. ●Based on MA CC #GoOpen project survey. ●Sent to CAOs in Fall 2018. ●Completed by “OER people” at the colleges. ●Received responses from all 28 colleges and universities!
  22. 22. Objectives of PIF Grant • Five Regional Training Workshops • Professional Development • Faculty Review of OER Textbooks • Rubric • $200 stipend • Course Development Day of MA • Focus: High enrollment MA transfer block courses. • Goal: To develop ancillary materials for open textbooks. • $1000 stipend
  23. 23. Impact, Near Term and Future $150,000 grant from MA Dept of Higher Education. • Regional workshops $16,000. • Course Development Day $53,500. • OTN membership and additional services $31,550. Projected student savings $631,000 in first year. MA OER Advisory Group 2019 - Shared Resources:
  24. 24. Brittany Dudek Library Coordinator, Colorado Community Colleges Online Colorado Community College System Impact of Open Educational Resource and Zero Textbook Cost Courses on Student Performance Metrics
  25. 25. • Centralized course design • Master course model • Quality Matters Institution • All students have access to materials on day one, even without OER/ZTC Does switching to ZTC course materials have an effect on completer success rates?
  26. 26. They were taught for 3 consecutive semesters with traditional publisher materials AND as zero textbook cost. All courses went live during AY18 Summer 2017 Fall 2017 Spring 2018
  27. 27. While 20 courses were developed in the timeframe, only 12 courses were eligible for assessment. Courses by CCCOnline Division
  28. 28. Each team is a professional instructional designer and a subject matter expert (who has a graduate degree with 18 hours in the field), in collaboration with the department chair, associate dean, and librarian. All courses were developed with our normal teamInstructional Designer Librarian Department Chair Associate Dean Subject Matter Expert
  29. 29. A look at 3 consecutive semesters of traditional materials vs. ZTC
  30. 30. Overall: Academic Year 18 Comparison # of Students Traditional Materials # of Students ZTC Pass (ABC) 3914 70.32% 4447 74.89% Fail(DF) 1050 18.86% 929 15.64 W 602 10.82% 562 9.46% Total 5566 100% 5938 100%
  31. 31. A look at two academic years (6 consecutive semesters) of traditional materials vs. ZTC
  32. 32. • BIO 201 Human Anatomy&Phys I w/Lab:SC1 • BIO 202 Human Anatomy&Phys IIw/Lab:SC1 • BIO 216 Pathophysiology • COM 125 Interpersonal Communication • SOC 101 Intro to Sociology I : SS3 Course Set 1: Live ZTC Summer 17 32
  33. 33. Comparing AY16/17 and AY18/19 33 Impact of ZTC Materials on Student Performance Metrics # of Students Pub Materials # of Students ZTC Pass (ABC) 4910 73.36% 6318 80.26% Fail(DF) 1196 17.87% 914 11.61% W 587 8.77% 640 8.13% Total 6693 100% 7872 100%
  34. 34. Next Steps
  35. 35. • AY19 data for Course Set 2 • Define course set 4 • Qualitative data: •COI score – teaching and social presence •Qualitative student feedback Next Steps
  36. 36. James Glapa-Grossklag Dean, Educational Technology, Learning Resources and Distance Learning College of the Canyons Building a student network for OER advocacy
  37. 37. T Terry Greene Learning Technologist Fleming College, Ontario The Open Faculty Patchbooks
  38. 38. Stay in the Loop ● Upcoming Conferences See our website under “Get-Involved” ● Join our Community Email ○ ● Webinar archives available ○ Image:
  39. 39. Open Education Week Call for Proposals start mid-December
  40. 40. Stay tuned for our Spring webinar series Happy Holidays! Image:
  41. 41. Discussion/Questions Contact Info: @unatdaly -- @cccoer Liz Yata -- Lisa Young -- @suetash Sue Tashjian -- Thank you!