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Beginning to Open Up: Ideas for Colleges Early in their OER Journey


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When: Tuesday, March 3, noon PST/3pm EST

When starting out using OER at your college/institution, it can seem like everyone else is much further along with us OER, and there aren’t any resources for those just starting out. Join us to hear from a panel of educators from smaller colleges and colleges that are new to OER as they discuss how they got started, recent accomplishments, things they would do over, what they wish they knew when starting out, and future plans.


Looking for resources
Licensing: What can I use? What are the licensing options?
Platforms for creating and publishing
Zero Cost vs. Low Cost

Featured Speakers:
Susan Bradley, Dean of Humanities and Behavioral and Social Sciences, Butler Community College
Kelly Carpenter, Library Manager, Lakeshore Technical College
Todd Ellis, Director of Teaching and Learning, Grayson College
Lori Beth Larsen, Instructor, Central Lakes College
Christina Trunnel, TRAILS OER Statewide Coordinator, Montana University System

Paula Michniewicz, Senior Analyst/Instructional Designer, Co-chair of CSN OER Task Force Committee, College of Southern Nevada

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Beginning to Open Up: Ideas for Colleges Early in their OER Journey

  1. 1. March 3, 2020 noon PST Beginning to Open Up: Ideas for Colleges Early in their OER Journey Unless otherwise indicated, this presentation is licensed CC-BY 4.0
  2. 2. • Susan Bradley : Butler Community College (Kansas) • Kelly Carpenter : Lakeshore Technical College (Wisconsin) • Todd Ellis : Grayson College (Texas) • Lori-Beth Larsen: Central Lakes College (Minnesota) • Christina Trunnell : TRAILS OER Statewide Coordinator (Montana University System) • Paula Michniewicz : College of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas, Nevada) The Panel
  3. 3. Questions for Panelists • Introductions, including years working with OER. • Share an accomplishment from the past year. • Share one thing you wish you could do over. • What are your future plans? We will have time for questions from the participants. Please type them in the chat window.
  4. 4. • Susan Bradley : • Kelly Carpenter : • Todd Ellis : • Lori-Beth Larsen: • Christina Trunnell : • Paula Michniewicz : Thank you! Questions? Contact Us at
  5. 5. Questions? Contact Info: @unatdaly -- @cccoer Liz Yata -- Thank you!