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UAVs in Agriculture - Jack Marck


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Slide deck from Agriculture Technology Summit 2016.

Published in: Technology
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UAVs in Agriculture - Jack Marck

  1. 1. UAVs in Agriculture Jack Marck, Horizon Hobby
  2. 2. What can they do? • Fly – Aerial coverage – Hard to reach areas • Carry cameras – Record video – Take pictures
  3. 3. Advanced Operations • Crop Mapping – Requires autonomous flight and special software – Formal data gathering – More expensive – Ideal for large operations and service providers
  4. 4. What Data Can I Get? • Visible spectrum images • Near-infrared images – Just outside of the visible spectrum – Indicates chlorophyll levels – Can be gathered using both converted sensors and purpose-built sensors
  5. 5. NDVI Benefits • Detect crop stresses sooner – Reduced input costs • Leverage your existing precision ag equipment – Real-time data for higher impact prescriptions • Optimize high-yield areas – May result in increased input costs