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Precision Agriculture Landscape - Andrew Selck


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Slide deck from Agriculture Technology Summit 2016

Published in: Technology
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Precision Agriculture Landscape - Andrew Selck

  1. 1. Precision Agriculture Landscape Andrew Selck - EY
  2. 2. The Impact of Precision Agriculture goes far beyond the producer’s field
  3. 3. Precision Agriculture Tech: Questions to ask… #1: What is the product/service? • What are the benefits of the product/service? • How does the company drive adoption in the market? #2: How does it create value? • What is the target market and value (i.e., increase profitability or reduce risk) – Farmer Profitability = Yield x Price – Cost – Agribusiness Profitability = Revenue – Expenses • How does the product/service generate revenue? #3: Does it need producer data? • Will producers share data? Is there a trusted relationship? • What is the data usage, privacy, and security policies? Data Product / Service Value Creation