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Functional foods - Keith A. Garleb


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Slide deck from Agriculture Technology Summit 2016

Published in: Technology
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Functional foods - Keith A. Garleb

  1. 1. Functional Foods Keith A Garleb, PhD
  2. 2. Definition of Functional Foods • According to the USDA-ARS functional foods are “designed to have physiological benefits and/or reduce the risk of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional functions and may be similar in appearance to conventional foods and consumed as part of a regular diet.” • The Functional Food Center defines functional food as "natural or processed foods that contain known or unknown biologically-active compounds; the foods, in defined, effective, and non-toxic amounts, provided a clinically proven and documented health benefits for the prevention, management, or treatment of chronic diseases". “Foods or food components that provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition”
  3. 3. Why the Interest in Functional Foods? • An aging population • Healthcare costs (increase/shift) • Advances in science/technology $2.5 Billion (2020) (Markets and Markets) Estimated Market
  4. 4. Some Functional Foods/Ingredients
  5. 5. Functional Foods: Considerations • Cost • Sensory • Efficacy • Evidence/Burden of Proof • Regulatory Environment