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Sbir commercialization slides


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Sbir commercialization slides

  1. 1. JedTaylor 5/30/2013SBIR: Commercialization Plan
  2. 2. AgendaIntroductionObjectivesSections of Commercialization PlanPitfallsOpticsPanel Discussion
  3. 3. IntroductionEntrepreneur-in-residenceAssistant Director at Technology Entrepreneur CenterPattern Insight6/6 on SBIRsSpoke at 2009 NSF SBIR Conference onCommercialization
  4. 4. My Goals in WritingAppearance of Phase IIB companyAppearance as a winnerGain their trustRisky venture and you need their help (not just equity freefinancing)Customer centric (iStart example)Building momentum in PI for PII
  5. 5. Sections of PlanMarket NeedBe compellingClearly define problemUse a real world examplesShow lots of data
  6. 6. Sections of PlanSBIR Project and Expected OutcomesKey Functionality and Benefits (pain points)Results from Phase I point to commercialization
  7. 7. Sections of PlanIndustry OverviewWork in customer & competitorsShow that you understand industryidentify niches
  8. 8. Sections of PlanMarketNiche vs. marketLots of dataCommercialization StrategyShow your planConsistency with your industryRefer to other models
  9. 9. Sections of PlanTeamOriginTell a compelling storyHighlight customer demand if possibleDescription
  10. 10. Sections of PlanManagement TeamShow that you’re more than academicsMake them feel that you’ll be successfulShow a board
  11. 11. Sections of PlanProduct/TechnologyHighlight value propositionShow customer feedback and valueCompetitionBe realistic and believableShow a standard competition slide
  12. 12. Sections of PlanIP LandscapeShow that you have IP and a planFinance and Revenue ModelBe consistent with other documentsBe realisticShow high growthBackup with realistic assumptions
  13. 13. Sections of PlanEvidence of SupportPurchase OrdersCustomers in generalInvestorsFinancialsDocument assumptionsBe reasonable
  14. 14. PitfallsWe are in a 20 billion dollar market and all we need to achieveis a .01% share then we will be successful.Market Size
  15. 15. PitfallsWe are entering the teleconference market and after year 1 we willhave 25% market share.Market Size
  16. 16. PitfallsWe have no competitorsNo competitors
  17. 17. PitfallsUnbelievable competitor list
  18. 18. PitfallsDr. John Doe, CEO – PhD from Harvard, DistinguishedResearcher Award, 25 patents, 37 conference papers ……..All academics
  19. 19. PitfallsLack of Customer Involvement
  20. 20. PitfallsFocusing on Technology
  21. 21. OpticsBold key pointsBullet pointsTables and DataMake first sentence countWork in customers and users feedback
  22. 22. Take AwaysGive the impression that you’re going to be successfulFocus on CustomersTeam is in Place to ExecuteShow High Growth
  23. 23. Panel Discussion
  24. 24. Potential Panel QuestionsIf you only had time to focus on 2 points for yourcommercialization plan, which two points would it be?Top two pitfalls when putting commercialization plantogether.Are there key differences to the commercialization planwhen applying to different agencies?How important is it to build a solid relationship with theProgram Manager?Tips on letters of support?