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Animal health - Aaron Gilbertie


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Slide deck from Agriculture Technology Summit 2016

Published in: Technology
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Animal health - Aaron Gilbertie

  1. 1. Animal Health Aaron Gilbertie, Aptimmune CEO
  2. 2. Explosive M & A Activity • Recent Mega Mergers ($17.9B) – Elanco/Novartis & BI/Merial • 2015: 50 Deals of varied sizes and sectors (Source: AnimalPharm) • Vaccines a hot target
  3. 3. Drivers • Product/Category Diversification • Improve Geographic Strength • Portfolio Optimization
  4. 4. Food Animal: The Paradigm Shifted • Regulatory environment and customer demands favor shift to preventatives and non-antibiotic therapy alternatives. • Attractive categories: – Vaccines – Probiotics – Bacteriophage – GMO – Next gen plant-based parasiticides
  5. 5. Product Development • Large company product development is being outpaced by market demand for alternative products • New products and technology required. Radical innovation as opposed to incremental. – Start-ups will provide much of the input • Innovative products/companies are prime targets for acquisition • There is a shortage of quality product alternatives to address HUGE needs
  6. 6. Animal Health Innovation Support • KC Animal Health Corridor Observations – Built in advantage. Legacy industry presence – Two major agriculture universities within 150 miles each direction. KSU and University of Missouri – Diverse animal health coalition • Animal Health Innovation Support Concept – Identify existing/near-term companies – Leverage cooperation with another agriculture university (Purdue) – Choose an area of focus. Example: Food animal vaccines, antibiotic alternatives, etc.
  7. 7. Thank you