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Surprise Me pitch slides at Travel Tech Conference Russia 2018


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Travel Startup Surprise Me presentation from travel startups pitch competition at Travel Tech Conference Russia 2018 (


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Surprise Me pitch slides at Travel Tech Conference Russia 2018

  1. 1. Go on walking tours by locals without a guide Surprise Me
  2. 2. Who we help 2 Locals Show city from your point of view and earn by creating tours in easy-to- use Surprise Me Studio Travelers Take walking tours from locals with unique stories at any time Business Organize a hundreds of tours in the same time and reduce cost price to $5
  3. 3. Start for free Create an amazing walking tour step-by-step Add quizzes, geo triggers and AR in your story Promote tours with the personal page Instantly check sales How it works for locals
  4. 4. Start immediately after purchase Find hidden gems and read unique stories from locals Explore city use quizzes and AR without hassle How it works for travellers
  5. 5. How far along we are 2 14 000 users 1 000+ purchases 17$ average check 114 tours 40 cities 16 countries
  6. 6. 2 For bussiness Bussinesses Promotions with high engagement Festivals Navigation in interactive way Starcon · GeekpickicLahta Center · Eurasia · Podrugka OTAs Become our partners. Up to 30% on each sale with Widgets and API Lowtrip
  7. 7. TAM $5.2 B SAM $2.3 B SOM $251 M Market 50% travels by themselves 42% already use apps to organise trip
  8. 8. Team Alexander Golovatiy CEO Stanislav Petriyakov CTO Elina Adrianova Account manager Kirill Chernakov Product Lead Dmitry Shuvalov Frontend Developer
  9. 9. Plans To grow our affiliate network Geography expansion To grow in sales To create all-in-one app for independent travelers
  10. 10. Try a tour 15% discount TRAVELTECH due to 31th May Become an author Create tours worldwide and earn up to 50% on each sale Earn with us Join our affiliate program (widgets included). Up to 30% on each sale Contact sales Offer an amazing tours with just $5 in cost price Kirill Chernakov hello@srprsm.comLet’s become friends