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Team builders

  1. 1. TEAM BUILDERSSTAND UP(medium activity level) Try this one in pairs first, then 3s, then 4s, then masses? Siton the ground, back-to-back with your partner(s), knees bent and elbows linked.Ready? Stand up! See? - Easy!! Remember to sit very closely packed for the Massstand-ups, and stand up quickly and at exactly the same moment.KNOTS(medium activity level) Players stand in a circle, facing in, and reach hands into thecenter. Join hands with two different people, neither of whom are standing next toyou, and now, your have a human knot. Your goal is to get untangled!Sometimes groups have difficulty, having two people release their hands creates endsand moves the activity along much faster. You may also get two or even threeinterlocking circles. Be watchful, groups can spend a considerable amount of timewithout a solution.TAFFY PULL(high activity level) Players split into two equal sized groups of about 5 or 6 players.One group is the taffy, and the other is the taffy pulling machine. The taffy playerssit in a circle and hold onto each other (cohesiveness is the key), and pick a flavor tochant (e.g., "Butterscotch, Butterscotch, . . .”), Once the taffy is set, the pullers try topull it into human-sized pieces. Remember: The best taffy is made by firm butgentle pull, so dont yank.LAP SIT(low activity level) Players stand shoulder-to-shoulder in circle facing in. Everyoneturns to the right and tighten up the circle by taking side steps toward the center.Close all gaps and round all corners. Place your hands on the hips in front of you, andas the leader counts to 3, carefully guide that persons bottom onto your lap. Listen forinstructions from the leader and follow them, This game requires trust andtrustworthiness. Variation: take a step on the count of 3 ("one, two three, left, one,two, three, right. . .)TRUST CIRCLE(high activity level - high risk) Players stand in a circle shoulder-to-shoulder with oneplayer standing in the center with her arms crossed on her chest. The players in thecircle hold up their hands and catch and gently pass the center person as she letsherself fall back (her body remains rigid).
  2. 2. TRUST WALK(medium activity level - high risk) Players form a line by joining hands. Everyonecloses her eyes except the front person and the end person. The leader takes thegroup on a walk. The directions must be passed down the line. Variations: This canalso be done in pairs - one partner eyes open, one partner eyes closed.