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  1. 1. WARM UP• Definition: -The set of exercises that all the muscles and joints in order (from feed to head, to prepare the body for improved physical performance.
  2. 2. Type:• MOVILISATION: • ACTIVATION:• -Rotate ankles. • -Normal run.• -Move your Knees. • -Knees up.• -Legs balance. • -Heels up.• -Rotate the waist. • -Lateral displacement.• -Move your arms. • -Crossing your feed.• -Say I don’t know. • -Heidi with arms.• -Move your wrist. • -Three steps jump.• -Move your neck. • -Backwards.• -And jump a little. • -Sprint.• -Now start the second part. • -You finished the warming up.
  3. 3. Games to warm up:• *The chain: It consists that two people must cath the other ones. If the catch someone, the chain is formed by three people, but if they catch another one, there will be two chains of two people, the game ends, when all the people is catch.• *Declare the war: Someone has a ball, he has to say “I declare the war to Javier” and throw the ball as high as he can, and Javier must ran to take the ball and when he catch it, he will say “Stop feet”, and the other people must ran away until heard the frase. The person with the ball only has three steps to move and go to the person who is closer and throw the ball, if the ball hit the person, he is going to be the person who is going to say “I declare the war to…” and the game begings again.
  4. 4. Games to warm up:• *The sticks: You need some sticks, some people are going to be placed in a line and they are going to have a stick and the put stick in differents form. And someone have to pass the test (jumping, turning round, squating…)• *The phisical test: You need some cones and hoops and you have to make a circuit with then. The winner is the person who do the circuit more times than the other people.• *Frisby: You need some frisbis, the game consists in pass the frisbi to your classmates, if the frisbi fall down, you will have the opportunity to scored in the basket, but if you don’t scored you will be eliminated, always do the same until the end, the last people wins.
  5. 5. Games to warm up:• *The kill: There are two team and two fields, each team in one field, the game consists that the teams, with a ball, must throw it and hit the opposite team, if the catch the ball, one of the team players, who throw the ball will be eliminated and go the death area but if they don’t catch the player will be eliminate. You can save, if you take the ball in the deth area and hit someone from the other team.• *The string: There is a line with a middle, an a string on it. There are two teams, with the same number of people. The team who pull the stream with more strenth will win.
  6. 6. Games to warm up:• *Gavilan: There’s a field and a line in the middle. Someone is in the line and he can’t leave the line with the two food. He has to say “Gavilan” and all the people have to cross the line without taching by the people that is in the line but if he is catching, he is going to be in the line too… the game ends when all people is catch.• *Hugs: Some people are the catchers, if some of then catch you will be standing doing nothing, but other people that not are the catchers can save you, giving you a hug. The game ends when all people is catched.• *Kises: Is the same like “Hugs” but with kisses in the cheeks.
  7. 7. Games to warm up:• *Bull up: some people are the catchers, and the other people have to run a way without bulls catch then. This people can save their selfs standing up in a high place during 10 seconds. The game ends when all the people is catched.• *Circuit: You need some hoops and some cones, you have to make a circuit with then. Two people have to make the circuit several times with some parts of their body glued. Each time you do it you will change your parner and the part of the body.• *The bomb: you have to make a circle, some one is in the middle, he close his eyes and start count. The people in the circle must pass the ball and when the man in the circle stop counting, the person who have the ball will be in the middle of the circle.
  8. 8. Games to warm up:• *Packman: Someone is the catcher, the peopla can only ran by the lines, and the packman have to catch it. If the packman tach you, you will seat down on the floor, and your classmates can pass over you.• *The sololitaire: 1 person have to run and all the clase is going to follow him. If some one catch him, the person who catch it is going to be the new lone and have to run around the field and so on.• And this are the last games…
  9. 9. THE END This power point presentation ismake by: Javier Rodríguez Fontiveros