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ThingLink Premium Education


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This is a $35/year account with the following features.

Published in: Education
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ThingLink Premium Education

  2. 2. Interactive Images & Video ThingLink Premium Education provides teachers and students with a powerful and flexible tool for teaching and learning that is useful across all content areas
  3. 3. ThingLink Images Easily annotate your image content with rich media tags
  4. 4. ThingLink Images Rich text and customization options available ThingLink offers a set of tools to customize the look and feel of icons, popups, and text overlay so you can easily create a unique design for your class.
  5. 5. ThingLink Video Engage your classroom with interactive video
  6. 6. ThingLink Video Embed interactive images into video
  7. 7. Tag your content! Over 50 rich media tags supported on ThingLink You can tag several types of rich media into to your videos and images. Interacting with these services is possible within a single video or image. Using these tags is as simple as copying the URL into the ThingLink tag
  8. 8. Premium Features
  9. 9. Flexible student login Manage multiple student accounts under one premium account Students can have an individual account without requiring email Students can login with their Google Apps for Education Accounts Teachers can add students to their own classrooms by generating a set of usernames and passwords
  10. 10. Organize classrooms with groups Create groups for each class View student work and tag image to provide immediate feedback and for use as an assessment tool Promotes team collaboration
  11. 11. Cross platform ThingLink functions when viewed across desktop, mobile & tablet
  12. 12. Tablet and mobile functionality Allow students to work on our iOS and Android apps. Our iOS and android apps are not required to use ThingLink. They give Teachers and students the power to view and edit images created on desktop from mobile and tablet while on field trips or working from home. 
  13. 13. Enhanced Icon Selection 100+ icons available for streamlining education
  14. 14. Custom icons Tell deeper stories by using your own icons Upload and use your own logos, symbols, signs, etc. Custom icons can be any shape/size/color or transparent. Unlimited number of icons can be uploaded.
  15. 15. Replace Image Save time by not having to re-tag your entire unit When new image is uploaded ThingLink will update automatically. You do not have to re- embed the unit after it is changed on ThingLink.
  16. 16. Replace branding Make ThingLinks your own with customized branding BEFORE AFTER
  17. 17. Presentation like never before! Create interactive image slideshows Add multiple ThingLink images to one slideshow. Slideshows can be embedded into ThingLink Video.
  18. 18. Google Drive integration Tag images with Forms, Slides and Docs Google Drive functionality directly within your images and videos.
  19. 19. Advanced Dashboard Analyze how your students are interacting All time: embeds, views, hovers, clicks, time spent, engagement rates Tags: breakdown of every tag on your image Embeds: breakdown of every place your image was embedded