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Business Model - EuDecido


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The business model canvas of a Brazilian startup that put together group of people that want to buy a certain car and use this group size to negotiate better discounts. You can see more details in my blog: (in portugueses)

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Business Model - EuDecido

  1. 1. 11 oct - 2012Key Key Value Customer CustomerPartners Activities Proposition Relationships Segments Negotiation with the car dealers Self-service platform Car buyers that are Platform development and support team seeking for good Save time buying the deals Accelerators Prospect of new car wanted car and with dealers a good deal Commercial team Marketing Car dealership Key Channels Companies Resources Leads of group of Site, social media, buyers Platform buying option, Newsletter Portfolio of car dealerships Site Cost Revenue Structure Steams Marketing Legal Support Buying Option 10% of the discount Free Human (R$ 100 – 500) Commercial team Resources