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Business Model - Kekanto


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The business model canvas of the Brazilian startup Kekanto, the Brazilian Yelp. You can see more details in my blog: (in portugueses)

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Business Model - Kekanto

  1. 1. 18 may - 2012 Key Key Value Customer Customer Partners Activities Proposition Relationships Segments VC Investors Platform development Site, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube Social management and customer service and engagement team Connected people that are looking for A guide to the best good places to go Rank opinions establishments in the city Ad sales Site and sales team Angel investors Customer acquisition A new way to interact- Florian Otto Key with customer online Channels- Vinicius Marchini Resources Local establishments and to monitor what that want a better Establishments base they are talking about Site and mobile apps online presence your establishments. Advertiser Site and mobile apps Customers base Site and mobile apps Elite customers Cost Engaging events Revenue Free Structure Steams Customer acquisition Sales team Sponsored links Deals Human Servers Resources Google Ads