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Concept of consumerinfo portal


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Concept of consumerinfo portal

  1. 1. Development & ProgressEdited 23 May, 2012Athirah Tan, CPRD Department
  2. 2. PROJECT CONCEPT & PLAN 5 Year Program 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 STRATEGY Focus on building database Establish network of distribution EXECUTIONPublishing of Factsheets Publishing of Booklets Publishing of Booklets Booklet Additional Topics Booklet Additional Topics Setup Website Approval Portal Development Portal Phase 2 Portal Phase 2 Content Development Local Content Development Content Enrichment Interactive Network + PR Establish Network Content Establish Community Cotent Ownership CONSUMERInfo is designed as a long term program to provide educational information to enable consumers to make well-informed decisions when subscribing any communications and multimedia services. CONSUMERInfo aspires to empower the consumer to be in a better position and make well-informed decisions on communications and multimedia products and services that best meets their needs. This education series is also intended to help the public to better understand their rights and responsibilities as consumers. 2
  3. 3. PROJECT MISSION1. As a Malaysian educational portal for users of communications & multimedia services available in local languages.2. To develop ConsumerInfo into a complete idiot’s guide/educational series for the Malaysian consumer awareness consumption3. To be used as a cross check and neutral reference point for information on communications & multimedia products & services available to the public.4. To be used as a review site for consumer and expert feedbacks on all things c & m closely relevant to the consumer.5. To promote ConsumerInfo as a relevant, practical and valuable tool to the consumer6. Create awareness, value, interest & benefits for the consumers 3
  4. 4. HOW DOES THE PORTAL ADD VALUE TO THE BRAND1. Provides an instant visual assembly of total market information to the public.2. Improve credibility.3. Relevant and practical tools for making informed choices.4. Pro-Consumer Value, Avenue for Service Providers’ Business Communications.5. Conveniently accessible for the consumer, assisted with applications• for easy understanding and navigation• visually attractive• engaging for easy info digestion. 4
  6. 6. Main Landing Page User Type Navigation Main Navigation Bar Flash Banner Brief Service Intro Selection Periodic Awareness al Polls Campaigns Current Advice & Guides Issues News Secretariat Consumer Sharing/Advic Reviews e 6
  7. 7. DEVELOPMENT SPAN OUT, MECHANICS &CYCLE 2011 2012 2013 EXECUTIONWebsite Approval Portal Phase 2 Content Enrichment Content Development Establish Content Network Local Content Development Interactive Network + PR Establish Community Content Ownership PORTAL DEVELOPMENT Top Navigation User Navigation Content Service Navigation User Navigation Ownership SP Package Info Feeding SOP Portal Tool Awareness Campaigns Free Ads SOP Community Content Package Comparison Engine Tools Linkage SP Linkage SITE NAVIGATION CONTENT CYCLE