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Business Model - WeHeartIt


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The business model canvas of a Brazilian startup that uses apps as a system to book taxi's rides. You can see more details in my blog: (in portugueses)

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Business Model - WeHeartIt

  1. 1. 19 set - 2012 Key Key Value Customer Customer Partners Activities Proposition Relationships SegmentsAffiliated Links Program Facebook, Twitter, Design Organize and share Internet users that support team and blog images and videos likes to look for nice Platform development you love in an easy images and videos, and maintenance and simple way Self-service ads and fashion in special Angel Invertos sales team Marketing Gil Penchina 5 MM Viglink Ad salesJoe Greenstein A new channel to expose products and Companies that Shan Mehta brands to clientes wants to put direct ads for the WeHeartIt Key Channels Rob Hutter audience Resources Site, iOS app, widgetsSelf-service Ads Sales Base of images and and blog videos A new channel that generates buying Site and app Companies that Platform leads have affiliated Commercial links in program User base the site Cost Revenue Structure Steams 30% of the Free affiliated program Human Marketing Resources Weekly or Monthly Self-service Ads Sales CPM (US$ 3 or 4) Servers sponsorship (9% of ad sales)