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Business Model - Airbnb


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The business model canvas of Airbnb a San Francisco Startups that helps people rent places.

You can see more details in my blog:
(in portugueses)

Business Model - Airbnb

  1. 1. 29 mar - 2012 Key Key Value Customer Customer Partners Activities Proposition Relationships Segments Platform development Local Photographers and maintenace Self-service on site Community with a support team, management Great places to stay SMS, iPhone App Travelers that are all around the world looking for a good Marketing for low prices experience with a Self-service on site low price Main Investors Online and with a support team, international payment SMS, iPhone App Photographers management Key Channels Rent out extra place People with extra Resources Base of places effortlessly for a place that want to Site, Youtube, iPhone announced worldwide audience rent App, Blog, FacebookOnline and international Community of and Twitter payment travellers and hosts Site, Youtube, iPhone Platforrm App, Blog, Facebook Brand and Twitter Cost Insurance Revenue Structure Steams 6-12% of booking fee Photographers Servers Online and international 3% of each successfully payment booking Human Marketing Resources