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Teaching Citations at Explanations


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Presented at The Innovative Library Classroom 2015, May 12, 2015

Published in: Education
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Teaching Citations at Explanations

  2. 2. THE ISSUE Students were having trouble constructing citations Trying to do everything at once: Get citation information, put it in order, and format the page Others were using citation generators and becoming confused by all of the “options” given to them. Content of a citation Little Seagull handbook to check order and punctuation
  3. 3. THE SOLUTION Reminding students: One of the reasons they were citing was to explain to their instructor how to get to their sources “Citations as Explanations” Connected with the Developmental Reading instructors Many of their students were working on an essay that required them to cite three specific sources in MLA format (Print anthology and Credo)
  4. 4. EXERCISES 1. Use “Who, What, When, Where, How” as descriptors for parts of citation. (Used Credo entry for our first example) 2. Put up citations on the board. Have students write underneath which parts correspond with which descriptor. I used one of their course books and a website. (Volunteers go up to the board) 3. Together, we build a citation from scratch using the “Who, What, When, Where, How” method. (Used journal article from ProQuest) 4. Students (in groups) build their own citations from various
  5. 5. Students (in groups) build their own citations from various resources Google search: What to do after a flood-see if you can find a site from a government organization Go to Databases on the LRC homepage. Click on Issues and Controversies. Under recent controversies, click on Cuba Policy. Cite this article…then check out the citation that is generated at the bottom! It’s not right, is it?? Search Credo for Frank Sinatra. Click on the second image of him that comes up (it’s with a giant microphone). The info’s all there, but make sure you remember to cite where you got it from! Search the eBooks tab for “pirates”. Click on a title. Can you find all the info in one place?
  6. 6. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS National Reading Panel: pdf Chapter 4, Part II: Text Comprehension Instruction Categories of instruction that improve comprehension in readers (7 total) Question Answering Question Generation Cooperative Learning Graphic Organizer
  7. 7. WHAT WENT WELL Participation Questions from students Instructor participation Feedback from instructors
  8. 8. NEXT TIME… Require them to have their Little Seagull Class size/layout of the room Online video/PowerPoint activity
  9. 9. THANKS! Maria Fesz Public Services Librarian Coastal Carolina Community College Click here to watch my short citation video!