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CX over CS - Are you ready?


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How Customer Experience(CX) is the next big thing in Marketing and how the companies need to be prepared for this phenomenon. Difference between Customer experience and customer service and why the two should not be mistaken.

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CX over CS - Are you ready?

  1. 1. Customer Experience (CX) How is it different than CS TAPISH PANWAR
  2. 2. Where is Customer Experience (CX)? Product Place Price Promotion CX - Buying Channel Channel availability, Ease of engagement & buying -Service Channel Channel availability, Ease of engagement, Customer sensitivity, Delight mindset - Communication Credibility - The communication doesn’t make unrealistic claims - The communication is humble and respectful - The communication should not be offensive or on-the-face trying to grab attention - - Product usage attributes Quality, Performance, Reliability, Engagement - Product Claim vs Reality Superiority, Outcome Differentiation, Function - Fair Price Perception - The product/service deserves the price charged - A competitive product with strong PoDs and PoSs isnt cheaper - Service/Repair cost doesn’t make the product ownership a ‘trap’
  3. 3. Difference between CX and CS Customer Service (CS) Post-purchase process Separate team to handle Often a differentiator Lends heavily to brand credence Often the most painful process in buying cycle Customer Experience (CX) Experience at all touch points Mostly a ‘slogan’ followed by the regular teams Not worked upon and looked at as differentiator Touches all aspects of brand and helps in journey through brand pyramid Aims at making all touch points, including customer service a trouble-less process CS CX CX over CS
  4. 4. What is (not) happening with CX? No clear understanding of role of customer experience in customer buying and post-purchase cycle No authority or dedicated teams for CX in organizations Lack of clear internal communication around the overall CX culture a organization needs to imbibe No communication to customers about how the organization is striving to improve CX at all touch points Weak efforts to align channel members on the overall CX program defined and followed by the company Instead, me-too propositions are thrown in air to pretend to be highly involved in CX improvement Unstructured and in-part implementation of the CX programmes. CX is always in totality
  5. 5. Why distinct and top-class CX is more important than ever in these times? Quantum and quality of experience by customers • Channel ( Customers are experience great CX through variety of channels) • Online marketplace, Modern trade (Easy returns, CoD, Quick refunds etc) • Across sectors (CX is sector agnostic , all kind of experiences build expectations) • Travel, Retail, Education, Healthcare (International brands are up-ping the game) • Experience with brands in international markets by Indian travellers influence expectations from the local or other MNC brands Need for differentiation • Brands’ strength lies in differentiation • CX is the new ladder to differentiation and stronger brands • Ever increasing competition from multiple channels & substitutes Customer profiles • More knowledgeable, well travelled and highly connected/networked • Pampered and always looking for more value and better experience • Want to reduce decision making time, Brands and CX can help in doing that Arrest switching Build Loyalty Invoke advocacy Create brand PoDs Reduce decision-making Encourage association Customer level (Perceptual) benefits of a distinct CX
  6. 6. How to build a distinct CX? Creating an Organization-wide definition of Customer Experience(CX) and its extent Weave a culture around CX, preferably in line with the existing vision and mission statements Training and awareness for employees and channel members on CX Targets for improvement of CX (Qualitative and Quantitative) based on customer delight factors Creating a team specifically responsible for monitoring, measuring and improving CX at all touch points Cross functional team to implement the first time CX plan at all the touch points Structured but extensive communication to the customers about the culture around CX and customer-first concept
  7. 7. Commercial Benefits Customer Loyalty •Repeat Purchase •Assured revenue flow in future •Brand Premium •Margin improvement (Bottom-line improvement) •Channel strength (Placement, exclusivity, margins etc) •Higher seller power with channel members Brand Advocacy •New customer acquisition •Revenue increase •Market share expansion •Economies of scale reduces cost per unit of product/service BenefitsBenefits Enabler Enabler CX Benefits Top-Line Bottom- Line Market Share Cash- flow
  8. 8. Thanks