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Customer experience & omni-channel - An introduction


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Marketing and business is becoming omni-channel. Physical and digital channels are blended. Customers’ journeys become more and more complex. Digital technologies create new customer experiences. Customer experience management will be the competitive advantage of the coming decade and is a project driving business transformation.

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Customer experience & omni-channel - An introduction

  1. 1. Omni–channel & Customer experience: An introduction by Sergios Dimitriadis Executive seminar Πολυ-καναλικό Μάρκετινγκ & εμπειρία πελάτη
  2. 2. The organization One customer along his journey context The channels (touch points) Customer experience data, platforms digital transformation information, products, services, orders, payments, delivery, support, returns, content, advertising courier service social mediacataloguenewsletter store app site call center
  3. 3. A topical issue: Why?  Digital technologies bring  new channels  new customer journeys  opportunities for enhanced CX & personalization  Customer is already multi-channel Omni-channel & Customer experience  Experience economy  Increasing level of customer expectations  Loyalty tends to diminish  Customer experience = pillar for innovation, differentiation, business development, competitive advantage
  4. 4. Convergence of physical & digital Omni-channel pure physical pure digital physical & digital multi-channel, parallel use omni-channel, unified use, hybrid channels • site, e-shop • app • social • … • stores • catalogues • agents • …
  5. 5. Customers are already multi-channel
  6. 6.  Service quality  Customer service  Customer satisfaction  Customer relationship management (CRM) Customer experience is not just …
  7. 7. is what people …  think, feel, sense, experience  during their entire customer journey  through all touch points, events, context of the journey. Customer experience
  8. 8. Which customer? Who is the customer? doctor – patient retailer – consumer agent – insured person 3rd party personnel B2B: various people involved internal customers, employees Customer experience
  9. 9. at a strategic level • Sales? • New customers? • Retention – churn – loyalty? • Customer share? • Customer Live-time Value? • Customer experience? Customer experience
  10. 10. The age of transparency & trust CX & omni-channel management ‘Many companies still make money by fooling their customers, by taking advantage of customer mistakes or lack of knowledge, or simply by not telling them what they need to make more informed decisions’. Don Peppers, Customer Experience: What, How and Why Now,TeleTech 2016
  11. 11. The age of transparency & trust CX & omni-channel management Act in the interest of the customer
  12. 12. Which departments, operations, processes are concerned? CX & omni-channel management Marketing, Sales, Customer service, HR, Operations, IT, Logistics, Legal, Procurement, CEO A cross-functional project | alignment Anallhierarchylevels project
  13. 13. CX & omni-channel management And what about your partners? Retailer Agents Delivery services Repair services Retailer Retailer Agents Agents Delivery services Repair services Repair services Repair services Repair services Suppliers, brands
  14. 14. CX & omni-channel management • Audit • Objectives, KPIS, priorities • Action plan • Strategy • Culture • Channels, processes • CX measurement • Data & systems • People • Budget
  15. 15.