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Touch down


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Touch down

Published in: Business
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Touch down

  2. 2. WHEN NEEDED RATIONALE TOUCH DOWN Mitigates the ‘team consensus effect’ – when disagreeing, the easiest escape for disagreeing team members is one abstraction level up, where they all agree and avoid conflict Helps strong abstract and conceptual thinkers to bring their idea down a few levels of abstraction to make it understandable for all Breaks a solution space or umbrella idea down in to a few more concrete and tangible idea manifestations one level down My concept is still too abstract People do not understand what this concept will do 2
  3. 3. ESSENCE POINTERS TOUCH DOWN Make the idea more concrete and specific Consider for your idea the following set of questions – answer them individually and compare them afterwards: Who is the primary user, what is his/her function? What is their need? How often will they buy it? What will users actually buy. What is it, a product, a service, a bundle? How will it be packaged? How will it be produced? Who will produce it? How will it be delivered? Who will do the delivery? As a team, describe at least two different concrete manifestations of your concept leveraging the above answers. You do not need to agree, they can be very different and co-exist. For each manifestation, pick an existing user and describe or sketch in six frames the journey of the user who becomes aware of, obtains, uses and discards/exits the idea 3