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Scale modeling


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Scale modeling

Published in: Business
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Scale modeling

  2. 2. WHEN NEEDED RATIONALE SCALE MODELING Forces to ‘think with both hands’ and will release new creative juices Gets a user/expert to engage with the concept first-handedly to solicit direct feedback Allows for testing and failing rapidly and cheaply in a safe and fun setting I want to work with my hands I need a tangible manifestation I want direct feedback 2
  3. 3. ESSENCE POINTERS SCALE MODELING Engage users hands-on for feedback and concept improvement Build a quick & dirty ‘mash up’ using e.g. LEGO Avoid a ‘mash up’ that is too polished. Users may assume it is the final version, blocking feedback Create different versions to parallel test different options within the concept that remain undecided Let go of your prototype(s), physically and mentally. Don’t defend it, invite users to actively play with your creation Solicit feedback and capture it on the 2x2 Feedback Capture Grid: plusses, minuses, questions, ideasSource of Inspiration: IDEO method cards; Stanford d-school 3