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Love is Blind: Perfect for Escaping


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Love is Blind: Perfect for Escaping

  1. 1. Welcome back to my Knight in Shining Armour Challenge, for the lasttime!Previously, we saw Annabelle get married, get pregnant and give birthto twins, Xander and Zoey. Meanwhile, things were turning sourdownstairs, with Charlotte starting fights with her sons husband,Charlie.On with the finale!
  2. 2. “What a beautiful day,” Kennedy said, stepping out onto the balcony,“perfect for escaping.”He paused, thoughtfully, observing the activity on the driveway.Afterwards, he called to Annabelle, “Were getting out today!”
  3. 3. “How can you tell?” Annabelle asked, appearing at the doorway.Kennedy turned to face her.“The old lady and the sports car.” Kennedy answered, seriously, anddisappeared into their tower to prepare. Annabelle remained on thebalcony, completely confused.
  4. 4. After waving Esther off to school, Arnold and Charlie had joinedCharlotte by the new addition to their lawn.“A sports car?” Charlie asked, as Arnold just grinned at the sleek bodyof the vehicle they were staring at.“Yes, whats your point?” Charlotte demanded.
  5. 5. “We need to buy food, and build a room for Esther, and you spent themoney on a flashy new vehicle, how about that?” Charlie questioned,with a sarcastic smile on his face. Arnold rolled his eyes.“Oh, stop whining, lets take it for a spin!”
  6. 6. “Theyre gone!” Kennedy announced. He had been watching the carfrom the balcony.“Grab the kids and lets go.” Annabelle murmured, picking up Xander.
  7. 7. Kennedy is a knight with armour so shiny he doesnt even have to holdZoey as they dash for safety.
  8. 8. Annabelle then proves that you dont have to be a knight to beawesome. She also carries one of the twins, Xander, to safety withoutholding him.
  9. 9. “I cant believe you, sometimes, Kennedy,” Annabelle sighed, with asmile, “our dramatic escape, and you wear your pyjamas.”“There will be time for me to wear clothes later,” Kennedy replied,“where is the taxi?!”As if summoned, the familiar yellow of a taxi pulled up.
  10. 10. “Step on it, were on a time limit.”“Yes sir. Where to?”“Anywhere faraway.”
  11. 11. And with that, the Grove family turned their backs on the tower thathad once held them as prisoners, and looked ahead, to their brightfutures.
  12. 12. She says we gotta hold on to what we got Cause it doesnt make a difference If we make it or not
  13. 13. Weve got each other and thats a lot For love – well give it a shot!
  14. 14. Whooah, were halfway there, Livin on a prayer
  15. 15. Take my hand, well make it – I swear Livin on a prayer!
  16. 16. We gotta hold on ready or notYou live for the fight when its all that youve got Whooah, were halfway there Livin on a prayer!
  17. 17. “Doesnt it bother you that me saving you is a reinforcement of femalestereotypes that stretch back centuries?”“Kennedy...I honestly dont care. Do I look like a damsel in distress? Icould have saved myself. And the twins.”“I know you could. I was teasing.” Kennedy smiled.Annabelle ignored this, “So this is the part where we live happily everafter, right?”“ more thing...”
  18. 18. “Arnold and Charlie escaped with their daughter. In their pyjamas. Itold you no one needs to wear clothes to escape.”“Kennedy, pyjamas are clothes.”“You know what I mean.”“Right. So...Charlotte?”“I dont know...”
  19. 19. Charlotte got her comeuppance, though no one knew about it.“Arnold?” She called, sensing the house was empty, “Hello?”“Hello Charlotte.”
  20. 20. Once his work was done, Death sat down in front of the television.“Hahaha, I love this show!”Charlottes urn sat forgotten on the floor.
  21. 21. And thats that! The good guys ended happily ever after, the bad guys(or woman) were defeated, the damsel was rescued despite the factshe could rescue herself...alls well that ends well, I suppose!I might add up my score, eventually. But for now, this is it! Thanks forreading, I hope youve enjoyed this challenge as much as I have!