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Love is Blind: Will There Be Cake?


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Love is Blind: Will There Be Cake?

  1. 1. Welcome back to my Knight in Shining Armour Challenge!Last time we met the three people living in the house, Charlotte,Arnold and Annabelle. Arnold fell in love with Charlie Tang, despite thefact the entire challenge is based around Annabelle falling in love. Ialso realised the last chapter-type-thing was really short. So is thisone. Ive noted that due to the nature of the challenge, youll get reallysmall updates instead of one large chapter – it is a short challenge,after all.Anyway, on with the show.
  2. 2. Charlotte could barely contain her excitement as the early hoursturned into dawn.In fact, she was so excited, she started to smustle.
  3. 3. With a yawn, Annabelle ignored the early-morning smustle music, andseized her breakfast from the mini-fridge.Today was a big day.
  4. 4. Eventually, the sun rose.“What a beautiful day for a beautiful occasion.”
  5. 5. The chairs were laid out, the arch was ready, beautiful flowers hadbeen placed.The groom was hidden away preparing. And the bride?
  6. 6. Well, there wasnt one. Annabelle stood on her tiny balcony, watchingher step-brothers wedding being prepared.A wedding between Arnold and Charlie.“Everyone forgot I was the damsel.”
  7. 7. The day before, when Annabelle had been busy studying cooking inher room, Arnold had proposed to Charlie.Yes, in his pyjamas.
  8. 8. Charlie was thrilled and said yes immediately.
  9. 9. Despite the fact Arnold was wearing slob pyjamas.
  10. 10. Annabelle watched from her balcony, uninvited to the wedding takingplace below.
  11. 11. Within minutes, Annabelle had turned her back on the wedding andheaded inside, while Charlie and Arnold sealed their vows with a kiss.
  12. 12. Everyone was happy for the new couple. Would anyone applaudAnnabelle when she eventually got married? No. Because thewedding would be held in secret.But no one was thinking about Annabelle, down at the wedding.“Im so happy you came to the wedding, relationship boost for you all!”
  13. 13. After that, the party began.“Will there be cake? Im starving!” Michelle Tse said, cheerfully.The old woman walking past brought a hand up to her eyes, “Ill lookfor some.”
  14. 14. Its not a party until somebody cries.“How dare you make one of the clones cry!” Jason Menon was yellingat Kennedy Cox.Seriously, there are like three guys with the same face template at thewedding, and two guys with the same suit. Complicated.
  15. 15. “Hello! Ill find your damsel a date!”No. Go away. I have to find the Prince Charming.
  16. 16. Back inside, its clear that no one is really happy at the party.“Mum – I can call you Mum, right? - everyones angry!”“Dont call me Mother!”
  17. 17. Upstairs, a fitness hobby leader has found himself into the tower.Although I have no idea how he got there.Instead of throwing him out, I let him and Annabelle talk for a bit.
  18. 18. His name turned out to be Kennedy, and he was the third Kennedy towalk on the lot that day.So the pair of them had a laugh for a bit.
  19. 19. Kennedy looks a lot like Goopy.“So Im a damsel in distress, right?”“Unimpressed face.”
  20. 20. Despite the fact they should get along romantically, Kennedy refusesAnnabelles advances.“Why?”“I dont date boys.”“But Im not a boy.”
  21. 21. “But everything about you screams male at me.”“Dude, Im wearing lipstick!” Annabelle laughed, “Thats not the onlyreason why Im a girl, but...”“Just no.”
  22. 22. After talking for a bit more, though, he finally gave in to her advances.Hooray! Were getting somewhere!
  23. 23. “Perhaps one day you can rescue me from this tower.”“Maybe...when Im not out inviting people to my secret gym.”“Good enough, I suppose.”
  24. 24. And with that, Annabelle leaned in for a kiss.
  25. 25. “No! No premarital kissing!”“Okay, okay. Wow, youre a drama queen sometimes.”
  26. 26. “I am never getting out of here, am I?”
  27. 27. After that, Kennedy left, and Charlie got stuck in the wall.“Arnold, Arnold, time out. . . help me rescue my arm.”
  28. 28. Shortly after Charlie was rescued from the wall, Annabelle startedwriting in a blank book she found in her tower.Dear Diary,Ive met him. The man I am hoping will become my prince. Of coursehe would be a fitness-freak and a bit over-dramatic. He also thinks Ima boy and a bit forward. But nonetheless, he is the one I want.More details soon, I promise. Also, do I really look that much like aboy?!Annabelle x
  29. 29. Following that, Annabelle went to bed, before the wedding fun hadended, even before the sun has gone down.
  30. 30. Annabelle is so groovy, she sleeps in her hat.
  31. 31. And here ends another short episode of Love is Blind! We finish withthe adorable couple.Will Kennedy truly be Annabelles knight in shining armour? Will hemanage to visit again when everyone isnt distracted by weddingcake? Will there be more clones running around the house?Thanks for reading!