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Love is Blind: I'd Rather Rescue Myself


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Love is Blind: I'd Rather Rescue Myself

  1. 1. Hi there! I decided to play a challenge I found the rules to last week. Its notreplacing any of my other legacies or challenge.You can find the rules for this challenge over at Boolprop (therell be a link in theboolprop thread for this, most likely).I dont know if Im going to score the challenge yet. :)
  2. 2. Meet Charlotte Charming. Completely unamused by everything.“Stop looking at me! And sit up straight!”Sorry, Charlotte. Lets move on.
  3. 3. Meet Charlottes pride and joy, her naïve son, Arnold Charming.I adore him. :)
  4. 4. And finally, meet our er, damsel in distress, Annabelle Charming. She lives in atower connected onto her step-mothers home.Basically, the idea is she cant leave until shes found true love, got marriedsecretly, and had a baby, all in her secret tower.“Id rather rescue myself.”Not an option, Annabelle.
  5. 5. Another part of the challenge is that Annabelle can only make instant meals untilshe has maxed-out her cooking skills.So instead of being fun and awesome inside her tower, she pretty much read theday away.“Reading is fun and awesome.”Yes, but not to watch.
  6. 6. Charlotte and Arnold, however, were entertaining to watch during the day.“Son, I have something to tell you.”
  7. 7. “I only like your step-sister sort of. In fact, right now, shes locked in the mysterioustower connected to our house.”“Teehee, arent we evil?”“Youre not. Stop pretending.”
  8. 8. “No way. You swear?”“What? Swear that youre not evil?” Charlotte blinked in frustration at her son, “youthink youre evil? Hahaha!”
  9. 9. Arnold then pulled his “I just heard some shocking gossip” face. And didnt glitch up!Hooray!
  10. 10. Annabelle, oblivious to the events taking place downstairs, got bored of readingabout cooking, and started reading a romance novel.“Heehee, the maid is like prince charming...hey, does my step-mother have aman-maid?”
  11. 11. Downstairs, the welcome wagon has shown up.“Ahoy there, new neighbours!”
  12. 12. “Good day, madam, my name is Charlie. Someone told me you have a damsel indistress?”“Damsel? What damsel? Just me and my son living here.”“I see. Distressed damsels get you nervous, no? Ill just go introduce myself toyour son, then.”
  13. 13. “Of course you can meet my son! Youll find him in the living room.”
  14. 14. Of course Charlie would wander in to find Arnold prancing about on the sofa .
  15. 15. “Hello there, you must be Goopy.”“You mean Gordon.”“Yes, of course I do.”
  16. 16. Inside, Charlie and Arnold are bonding over television.“I love this show!” Charlie said, delightedly.“Mmm-hmmm. I love it so much I can watch it with my eyes closed.”
  17. 17. After that, I figured out that Arnold and Charlie would have two bolts, and then theflirting began.Look! Shy sim flirt! Behold the adorableness!
  18. 18. “Why, sir, I’m flattered!” Charlie said, a hand placed grandly on his chest.Arnold just continued being adorable.
  19. 19. “Really?”Hmm. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to be finding Arnold someone to love.
  20. 20. Annabelle is still just reading upstairs, while Arnold finds love downstairs.“Don’t forget who the damsel is, will you?”
  21. 21. Gordon, meanwhile, is dancing furiously. Ah, these strange men invited into thehome just in case they might be Prince Charming.
  22. 22. Gordon is not the only one dancing up a storm. Charlie and Arnold continue tobehave like an adorable couple.
  23. 23. See? Adorable step-brother finds himself an adorable Prince. Too bad the damsel isstill in distress, right?
  24. 24. Gordon managed to get into the tower and talk to Annabelle for a bit. See, thedoor is locked only for Annabelle. But no one else goes in there because it’snothing but cheap furniture.Anyway, Gordon isn’t Annabelle’s Prince Charming. No bolts. The pair talkedbefore going their separate ways.
  25. 25. Speaking of going their separate ways, Arnold finally said goodnight to Charlie.And Charlie got his nose stuck in Arnolds face.
  26. 26. “HAHA! The step-brother found love before the damsel did!”Here is where I leave you after a seriously short chapter-type thing. Hopefully thenext one will be longer, and hopefully you enjoyed this one!Thanks for reading!