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Types of Stresses


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Types of stresses is presented in the slides

Published in: Engineering
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Types of Stresses

  1. 1. Types of Stresses by SBR
  2. 2. Stresses can be classified according to the following ways: • Based on the dimensionality or the type of body on which they act o Uniaxial (one - dimensional): eg., stresses in the thin rod, wires etc. o Biaxial (two - dimensional): eg., Thin plate subjected to in-plane loading. o Triaxial (three - dimensional): eg., Hydrostatic pressure • Based on the nature of the stress o Direct/normal stress o Transverse/shear stress
  3. 3. • The resultant stress vector can be resolved into three mutually perpendicular components, one along the normal to the cut section and the other two parallel (transverse) to the surface. • The normal component of the stress is called normal stress and is denoted by 𝝈. • The transverse component of stress are called shear stress and are denoted by 𝝉. • The direct stress has the tendency to deform the body (compress or expand) without any change in shape of the body. • Other the other hand, the shear stresses tend to distort the body resulting in a change of shapes and angle.