vtu 10me46a 10me36a camd machine drawing computer aided machine drawing vtu ndt notes non destructive testing ndt mom question bank mom vtu notes mom question papers mom notes dynamics of machines stresses in composite sections compound stresses bmd sfd shear force and bending moment in beams bending and shear stresses in beams stresses in beams 10me34 10ced14 caed engineering graphics engineering drawing 10ced24 computer aided engineering drawing kinematics of machines me44 10ae54 dom kom 10me44 10me53 ultrasonic machining non traditional machining vtu ntm notes ntm ultrasonic testing industrial robotics esa notes experimental stress analysis vtu esa notes vtu cim notes 10me61 mechanisms dom notes 10me42b 10me32b mechanical measurement and metrology magnetic particle inspection vtu sensors notes cim notes cim theory of vibration mechanical vibration assembly of ramsbottom safety valve special moulding processes 10ae35 welding 10me35 welding processes manufacturing process projection of solids plummer block screw jack grama panchayathi panchapayana brammadevarahalli gp panchapayana pid controllers types of controllers open loop and closed loop systems control engineering control systems introduction to control systems vtu thesis format vtu project report m.tech thesis template guidelines for vtu project report ph.d thesis template be project report template project report format machine vice computer aided machine drawing manual tail stock tool head of a shaper simple stress and strain energy lab manual vtu ec lab manual dom vtu notes vtu old question papers dom assignment questions dom question paper dom question bank mom assignments assignment questions old vtu question papers mechanics of materials dynamic force analysis hareeshang notes robot robots: state of-the-art and future trends screw thread measurements and gear measurement pressure and torque measurements force mechanical measurements and measurement systems robot programming g-codes and m-codes cim and automation laboratory manual chemical machining eddy current inspection radiographic testing acoustic emission testing ct scanning liquid panetrant testing 10ael57 energy conversion engineering laboratory manual modelling and analysis laboratory manual m&a lab manual 10ael68 propulsion laboratory manual photo elasticity photo-elasticity mechanical vibrations theory of vibrations vibration measuring instruments robotic sensors sensors sensors and actuators actuators birefringent coatings notes photoelastic coating birefringent coatings vtu photoelasticity photoelasticity notes photoelasticity strain gauges notes strain gauges strain gages electrical resistance strain gauges cnc machining centers introduction to computer integrated manufacturing computer integrated manufacturing high volume production systems 10ae65 damped free vibration undamped free vibration vibration simulation vibration 10ae63 safety valve introduction to manufacturing process sand moulding process development of lateral surfaces cams cam design and drawing of cam profiles assembly of ic engine connecting rod connecting rod assembly of machine vice section of solids assembly of screw jack thread fastener cotter and knuckle joints orthographic projections gear trains planar mechanisms kinematics of mechanisms velocity and acceleration of mechanisms spur gear friction and belt drives balancing of reciprocating masses balancing of rotating masses design of machinery static force analysis gyroscope governers introduction to mechanisms projection of planes projection of lines projection of points
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