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Advertising on Quora Overview


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Directions for new advertisers taking part in the Quora Ads Beta.

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Advertising on Quora Overview

  1. 1. Advertising on Quora Quora's Audience Quora reaches over 100M unique visitors every month. The heart of Quora is questions, and people often use the product when they are researching an important decision. As a result, advertisers can capture an audience in the consideration phase of a major decision and influence those people to use their own products and services. We are early in building products that can help advertisers reach these audiences, and the following outlines our first effort to serve direct response advertisers. Ad Unit We are starting with a text based ad unit: An advertiser provides: • The advertiser's preferred brand name: “Promoted by Quora” in the above example • Header text up to 65 characters in length: “Join Quora, the world’s best source for knowledge.” in the above example. (text must be a statement, not question) • Supporting text up to 105 characters in length: “Over 100M people access Quora each month.” in the above example (text must be a statement, not question) • A selected call to action: “Sign Up” in the above example • A display url next to the call to action: “at” in the above example • The landing page url the person visits after clicking the ad Call to Action Options We support the following Call to Action options: • Learn More • Get the App • Apply Now • Book Now • Contact Us • Donate Now • Download • Shop Now • Sign Up • Watch More • Get Quote • Follow Us The button on the ad will read “Sign Up at” If there is a call to action that has worked effectively for an advertiser on another platform, we are open to adding it.
  2. 2. Placement Ads will initially only be available on question pages on Quora. Targeting We are rolling out with three targeting options: topics, platform, and location. Topics: • You can think of topic targeting on Quora as broadly similar to contextual targeting • Questions related to a selected topic will be eligible for ad delivery After a discussion about your campaign objectives and your target audience, we will work with you to select a set of topics that provide the best chance of reaching your target audience. Once selected, we will provide a set of sample question pages where your ad may run, and an estimate of inventory volumes. Device Platform: Our usage is spread fairly evenly across desktop and mobile, which includes both our mobile app and browser products. Ads can be targeted at mobile users, desktop users, or both. We offer the ability to split your campaign if you'd like to track performance at the platform level. Location: • Ads can be targeted at the country, state, city, or zip level
  3. 3. Conversion Tracking Quora will provide an image pixel for each campaign for an advertiser to track a conversion event. We highly recommend setting one up to enable better optimization of ad delivery towards higher value audiences. Pricing and Campaign Delivery In order to strike a balance between user experience and advertiser experience, campaign pricing is based on an auction and bidding system. As we want to balance both the user and advertiser experience, we take into consideration multiple factors to determine an auction winner, such as an advertiser’s bid, ad quality and the estimated rate of actions that we think users will take on your ad. The amount you get charged is the resulting winning CPC of each auction, which will be at or below your CPC bid. Reporting Campaign reporting is available using our Ads Manager tool, which gives users access to view performance at the campaign, ad set and ad level. Payment Options You can pay by credit or debit card, or we can arrange to bill by monthly invoice.