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Smart city leboucher


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Smart city leboucher

  1. 1. Smart Citiesand the contribution of OrangeNathalie LeboucherSenior Vice President Smart CitiesOrange Group1
  2. 2. Brussels as Smart CitySmart City is about supportingcities, districts or regions infulfilling some of their keymissions thanks to the support ofInformation and CommunicationTechnologiesSmart City is a connected city forthe benefit of its citizens,companies and tourists in orderto :-Optimize the use of resources,-Better manage urban mobility,-Provide new services. 2
  3. 3. Key drivers for convergence of traditional city infrastructures and ICT technologiesSociety and cities are changing fast - Resources challenges (water, electricity, oil) - Transportation challenges induced by fast growing urbanization (traffic congestion, provision of parking space, heavy investments required in road or public transportation capacities) - Difficulties in a context of crisis : need to do more with less in crisis economies - Environmental issues, which require new models - Change of consumer behaviors (moving from ownership to services models, ie car sharing)A variety of ICT technologies are now avalaible - Massive move of telecom usages from voice to data requiring massive investments in high capacity networks (fiber, 4G) - Very fast development of M2M technologies in the past years, soon more devices connected than humans. - Increasing end users demands for real time connectivity - Major smartphone detention - Development of social networks and of crowd sourcing3
  4. 4. Mobistar/Orange’s contribution to your smart city> Mobistar has the privilege of being YOUR preferred Telecom partner for the next 10 years (IRISNET)> Mobistar has 15 years experience on mobile voice and fix voice/fix data, 10 years experience in M2M and host the international M2M center of France Telecom Group for its unique expertise.> The FT group provides to the Smart Cities projects its expertise and investments in : - Various telecom networks, - IT platforms and integration capacity, - Data centers - A dedicated strategical program. 4
  5. 5. Orange Smart Cities solutions for the smart and connected city digital journey internet urban M2M of data NFC sensor sensor things s s M2M connectivity +4m connected deployment of 5m vehicles by 2016 meters underway public transportation municipalitie s connected car smart metering e-administration digital journey smart phones urban M2M data WIFI innovative urban intelligent buildings and internet services compounds of things5
  6. 6. Connected cars  Collaboration with car manufacturers for connectivity deployment at European scale : contract signed for 4,5 million Sim cards in vehicles of a major European car manufacturer  Many RFPs at the moment impulsed by eCall legislation  Capacity of Orange to manage a whole European connectivity platform for customers  Capacity of Orange to creation of a partner ecosystem for additional services7
  7. 7. Some references in Smart Building Saudi Arabia – Riyadh United Development Company (UDC) Solidiere Financial District The Pearl Qatar Beirut new downtown Pearl Qatar Picture supporting the working for the United collaborating with Investment company to Development Company Solidere to design, build design the ICT to design and build the and operate ICT services infrastructure of its ICT infrastructure of its of the new downtown future financial district prestigious 400 hectare Beirut, spread over 191 located in Riyadh. made man island located hectares. in Doha. the project is offering state “Solidere” is offering state of the art ICT platform, “The Pearl” providing new of the art IPTV services to data-center and services in life-style to its residents its residents, this service order to address specific IT through a cutting edge ITC being fully managed and needs of the financial technologies. operated by Orange8 companies and institutions. Business Services.
  8. 8. Urban mobility > High-quality internet connection for passengers > Fleet management: - Geolocation in real time of the entire fleet - Optimization of the service > Improving public transports… by not using them: Orange plays an active part in a remote work centers initiative - Local work stations being proposed to employees (max 20 min from home) - Goal: prevent them wasting time in commuting + savings on rents > Developing new services for on-street car parks (payment, information on availability) > Through an investment fund dedicated to innovative start-ups (« EcoMobilité Ventures ») with SNCF and Total, participation in projects linked to new urban mobilities (carpooling, car sharing, etc.)9