Just the Facts: From Social to Funnel: Connecting Social Buyers to the Customer Creation Process


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George Sadler, Director, Social Media Insights at Dell discusses how effectively listening to customer conversations leads to valuable and actionable information that enables businesses to achieve success in today's "social" era.

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Just the Facts: From Social to Funnel: Connecting Social Buyers to the Customer Creation Process

  1. 1. Just the Facts: From Social to Funnel:Connecting Social Buyers to the CustomerCreation ProcessGeorge Sadler, Director, Social Media InsightsIDC CMO Advisory Board, Best Practices in Channel Marketing, SocialMedia Monitoring & Metrics, San Jose, CA, February 28, 2012
  2. 2. Marketing:Powerful, Loud,Reach &Awareness2
  3. 3. Web Marketing = Traffic and Clicks 3
  4. 4. CRM for Tracking & Maybe Some InsightsTraditional CRM and Case Management Systems Physical persona • B2C • Name • Home address • B2B • Employer • Job role (ITDM?) • Work address • Email • Ecommerce: Dell account • Support Documentation CRM4 Global Marketing
  5. 5. More Than Traffic/Clicks: People Sharing5 Source: Shanghai Web designers via Neville Hobson
  6. 6. Value ofCustomerConversationsReal time, unaided,personalized experiences Where to find youBut not organized by Share with others how & whybusiness functions or you have great products/servicessegments6 Graphic thanks to @Gapingvoid Global Marketing
  7. 7. Listening is a full-time commitment Application of Analytics + Modeling:Making for Meaningful, Measurable Business Actions7 Confidential Global Marketing
  8. 8. Social Media commentary contains valuable andactionable information• Identified 27 new product search • Product use issues identified and terms based on how customers talk addressed in social media earlier about products than other feedback channels – Increased SEM campaign impressions by 27% • Preliminary analysis of customer sentiment trends have shown potential correlation with NPS8 Confidential Global Marketing
  9. 9. This is a New Road, The Infrastructure is evolving Experiment and Fail Fast…LEARN9 Global Marketing
  10. 10. The Journey of Social Business Metrics Experiment & Pilot Application Build Out Operationalize & Scaling Global Marketing
  11. 11. Challenge: Social CRM is Currently not areality, but critical to unlocking key insightsTechnology and connection of these dots from social profiles and data to traditionalCRM systems Physical • B2C persona • B2B • Name • Home address • Employer • Job role (ITDM?) • Work address • Email CRM • Dell.com account Social persona • Support case info + Commentary11 Global Marketing
  12. 12. Improving SocialData’s Usability &Application+ Merging withtraditionalmarketing data Delivering uniform and actionable data: More value to business functions12 Global Marketing
  13. 13. Sizzle? or The Hard Work of Getting it Done forBetter Business 13 Global Marketing
  14. 14. Thank You