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Changing faces of direct marketing e briks infotech


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Changing faces of direct marketing e briks infotech

  1. 1. The Changing Faces of Direct MarketingProcess Drives Results Strategy Content Technology Measurement
  2. 2. Agenda• Meet Make Me Social-Company Overview• Social Media Overview• Social Media Channel Review• Review of Non-Social Channels• Integrated Marketing-Why it works• Case Studies/Examples• Questions
  3. 3. OEMAGENCY MMS is an OEM for digitalStrategy, Content, marketing services.Technology, Measurement Provide qualified partnersUnderstand consumer and resellers with a turn-keybehavior in the digital age to suite of solutions toturn people into customers enhance their serviceand drive customers to offerings, deepen customeraction. relationships, and create new revenue opportunities.
  4. 4. Process Drives Results Strategy Content Technology Measurement Research Campaign Tracking Metrics Brainstorming Implementation Analyzing Platform Creation of Results Selection Content Establishing ROI Campaign Management of Refining Development Channels Processes
  5. 5. What some marketers are sayingabout integrated marketing……• “ One benefit of integrated marketing is that its the only type that will always be around - individual channels wax and wane with the constant evolution of the media ecosystem (often marching in lockstep with technology), but the system as a whole persists, and knowing how to maintain a presence within it is a valuable skill.” Jason Amunwa, Product Manager @ digital-telepathy• “No longer is it enough to just push the same message in each channel. Today, true IM leverages all the channels to tell a combined message using each channel to deliver the part of the message it [the channel] is best suited to deliver. “ Tom Martin, Founder @ Converse Digital• “Integrated marketing lets you "supersize" your efforts by harnessing all relevant channels to meet your goals. You can use the different channels to highlight facets of your offering and reach different segments, but at the end of the day, you need all the efforts to move you toward your objective.” Jean Shields-Fleming, award winning content strategist
  6. 6. • It’s not a “silver bullet” a silver bullet• It’s not a “quick fix” stand alone• It shouldn’t be left alone• It won’t make you a millionaire overnight!
  7. 7. Social Media Snapshot• Brand Awareness• Brand Engagement• Community Management• Customer Service• Thought Leadership• Lead generation
  8. 8. AwarenessEngagement Results
  9. 9. ConnectingCommunities
  10. 10. Quick Facts • 845 million active users • 46% of users are 45 and older • Average # of friends per user is 130Business Goals • Best for consumer brands, good for B2B • Generates Engagement & Loyalty • Acts as microsite on social platformRules of thumb • 24 hour lifespan • 130 friends:24 hr ratio • Public facing content – no more than 5 per day*
  11. 11. Quick Facts • 250 million users; 127 million active users • 36% of users tweet at least once per day • 41% male; 59% femaleBusiness Goals • Best for B2B, good for consumer • Community Management • Increases reach among like-minded • Opportunity Identification & Brand Monitoring • Lead gen to other social channelsRules of thumb • 8 min lifespan • 120-130:8 ratio • Public facing tweets – no more than 10 times per hr* • Brand Ambassador mix with sales ratio of 10:1
  12. 12. Quick Facts • 150 million users • 2 million companies have pages • Gender usage is split 50/50Business Goals • Network & Connect • Recruiting/Job Posting • 1:1 Relationship Development (lead gen)Rules of thumb • Profile Scorecard • Guidelines for each vertical
  13. 13. Blogs Quick Facts • 44% of all bloggers are parents • 70% of all bloggers have college degrees • A new blog is posted somewhere in the world every half second • Common sites: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr Business Goals • Thought Leadership • SEO Rules of thumb • Build in keywords for SEO • Include boilerplate copy • Content is more important than length • Cross-channel promotions
  14. 14. Other Channels
  15. 15. You’ve Got Email• Average open rate-22% (marketing & adv-18%)• Average CTR-3.5% (marketing & adv-4.1%)• Average ROI ( year end 2011) $44.25 for every $1 spent• $2 billion industry by 2014• Practices vary widely in B2B vs. B2C• Social sharing extends reach of email content
  16. 16. And then there’s…• By 2014, smartphone internet usage will take over desktop usage• Over 50% of local searches are currently being done from a mobile device• 86% of mobile internet users are using their devices while they watch TV• On average, people in the US spend 2.7 hours per day on their mobile device• Over 1/3rd of Facebook users do so through mobile, ½ for Twitter, and Utube gets 200+ views per day though mobile devices
  17. 17. QR Codes = Quick Response Codes• Drive traffic to a mobile web• Provides links to social media Pages
  18. 18. Icons and Addresses
  19. 19. Why Multi Channel?• EFFICIENCY-While the message remains somewhat consistent, the creative overlap can be significant for cost savings. Items such as taglines, visual design and premiums can be used easily from one channel to the next• FLEXIBILITY-more options as new channels emerge• VISIBILITY-Increased interaction with customers creates more opportunities to sell products and services, more chances to connect with the consumer• LOYALTY-Builds brand credibility & customers are more likely to trust companies the more widespread they appear to be.
  20. 20. Sample Campaign: Manufacturer offers 30% off light bulbs• Create a specific landing page for the offer• Run a targeted PPC campaign to drive consumers to the landing page• Write a “best practices” blog for the bulb• Monitor conversations about light bulbs on social media & share the blog post• Target key words for SEO (blog, landing page)• Run a radio ( or TV) ad that highlights an easy to remember URL that sends people to the landing page BENEFIT: With this type of integrated approach and the use of analytics, you can determine which tactic drove the most sales . That information can be used to align your marketing budget towards those tactics.
  21. 21. DM Case Study• Designed to increase awareness• Landing page built with hidden image that required decoder glasses• Package generated a 42% response rate• Increased Web traffic by 32%Integrated campaigns drive action anddeliver results!
  22. 22. Questions