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Vancouver study trip debrief


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Vancouver study trip debrief

  1. 1. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Study Trip Vancouver BC June 2013
  2. 2. Who was part of the trip? Four cities: Seattle, Kirkland, Portland, Vancouver
  3. 3. Jerry Dobrovolny, Vancouver's Director of Transportation Services, attended most sharing sessions PBOT’s Mark Lear & Greg Raisman Gordon Price, Simon Fraser University & Vancouver City Council emeritus Vancouver staff, consultants, and non-profits Were generous with their time Professor John Pucher
  4. 4. Why Vancouver?
  5. 5. What is a connected AAA* network? *All Ages & Abilities
  6. 6. Waterfront has wide, separated bicycle and pedestrian pathways
  7. 7. Greenway uses street end park as a connector
  8. 8. Residential greenways
  9. 9. Priority streets for people who walk & bike: stop signs, speed humps, trees
  10. 10. Beautiful effective traffic diversion in neighborhoods
  11. 11. Many greenways include “counter-flow” lanes for people on bikes
  12. 12. Bicycle signal to cross busy arterials
  13. 13. Parallel Park program uses street right-of-way for retail
  14. 14. Vancouver Greenways prioritize people who walk.
  15. 15. Downtown separated bikeways
  16. 16. Prioritization & Cost
  17. 17. Inexpensive plastic signs and PVC posts
  18. 18. Inexpensive and effective bicycle separation
  19. 19. Vancouver street calms traffic, creates beautiful public space, and diverts storm water in the right-of-way
  20. 20. Bioswales along greenways add beauty and high installation/maintenance costs
  21. 21. Recent greenway development includes finely-grained details @$3 million/mile
  22. 22. Vancouver Greenest City 2020 The best transportation plan is a great land-use plan. Brent Toderian, Former Director, Vancouver City Planning
  23. 23. Two greenways are connected through an engineered pocket park
  24. 24. Community volunteers maintain hundreds of planting strip gardens like these
  25. 25. Vancouver traffic is calmed by many tiny pocket parks in the street right-of-way
  26. 26. Tupper Greenway Park creates two quiet street ends
  27. 27. Photos: Brice Maryman, Cathy Tuttle, Greg Raisman, Jeff Linn 2013 Study Trip organizer: Eli Goldberg greenways are not pipes for bikes, greenways are places for people