Transportation 2040 - Moving Forward (And Some Ideas)


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This is part of the presentation we will give at our public meetings, covering the City's role in a regional context as well as some ideas moving forward.

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Transportation 2040 - Moving Forward (And Some Ideas)

  1. 1. Consultation Timeline 2 0 1 0 2 0 1 1May June July Aug Sept Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Phase 1: Phase 2: Final Plan Council Council Listening & Options & to Update Update Learning Input Council Stakeholder Engagement Throughout Plan Development
  2. 2. Regional Context
  3. 3. Government Roles & Responsibilities • Railways, borders, waterways & airways; project fundingFederal • Airport planning • Port planningProvincial • Provincial highways; project funding • Transit / regional transportation authority; funds regionalRegional roads & bikeways • Land use & growth projections; air quality monitoringMunicipal • Land use planning; builds & maintains street infrastructure
  4. 4. Understanding the City’s Role Recognize city jurisdiction Support regional & provincial plans Provide leadership to other municipalities Build partnerships with outside agencies Empower citizens
  5. 5. Some ideas...
  6. 6. LAND USE
  7. 7. Land Use Supports Shorter Trips & Sustainable ChoicesMixed useComplete & compactcommunitiesDensities that supportwalking, cycling, &transitHousing choice Photo: Paul Krueger
  8. 8. Ideas: Land UseIdentify missingamenitiesSupport futureplanning
  9. 9. WALKING
  10. 10. Better pedestrian amenities Busy Main Street Sidewalk, VancouverWider sidewalksPedestrian lightingStreet furnitureWayfindingWeather protection Photo: Paul Krueger
  11. 11. Accessible Design Pedestrian Crossing, San FranciscoSmooth surfacesSidewalk rampsSignal timing to allowfor safe crossingsAudible signalsBus stop design Photo: Paul Krueger
  12. 12. A Complete Pedestrian Network Unpleasant sidewalk condition, Granville Bridge, VancouverAddress gaps &barriers Flickr: Aphex Twin
  13. 13. Improve Pedestrian Safety Pedestrian Count-Down Signal, Chinatown, VancouverSafer crossingsCount-down signalsReduced speed limits Photo: Paul Krueger
  14. 14. Bartholomew Plan, VancouverSTREET NETWORK
  15. 15. Different Kinds of Street Main-Kingsway Triangle, Mount Pleasant, VancouverRecognize differentstreets have differentrolesIdentify importantstreets for differentkinds of movementIdentify potential forclosures & activation Photo: Robert Kwong
  16. 16. Structural Changes Underneath the Georgia and Dunsmuir ViaductsConsider options forthe Viaducts
  17. 17. Thinking Beyond Roads False Creek, VancouverConsider waterwaysas part oftransportationnetwork
  18. 18. Weekly Swing + Salsa Dancing Series on Granville St. Summer 2010PUBLIC SPACES
  19. 19. Public Space Improvements Rediscover Granville, Downtown VancouverSupport temporaryand permanent publicspace improvements
  20. 20. Public Space Improvements Divisidero Parklet, San FranciscoPavement-to-Plazaspilot program Flickr: jeremyashaw
  21. 21. Street-end Closures West End, Downtown VancouverStreet-end closuresto calm traffic &create communitygathering spaces Flickr: Fanis Grammenos
  22. 22. Pedestrian Priority Areas Car-free street, Malmö SwedenCar free corridorsPedestrian-prioritystreets Photo: Paul Krueger
  23. 23. CYCLING
  24. 24. Complete Cycling Network that feels safe for all riders Dunsmuir Bike Lane, VancouverBuffer between bikesand traffic on busystreets Photo: Paul Krueger
  25. 25. Complete Cycling Network that feels safe for all riders Central Valley Greenway, VancouverEnhance trafficcalming onneighbourhood routes Photo: Paul Krueger
  26. 26. Improve Cycling End-Use Facilities Bike Parking Station, Munster, GermanySecure parking atkey locations
  27. 27. Improve Cycling End-Use Facilities On-Street Bike Corral, Commercial & 6th Avenue, VancouverOn-street bike corralsRetrofit program forexisting buildings Photo: Paul Krueger
  28. 28. Educate & Encourage Sustainable Choices Central Valley Greenway, VancouverSupport schooleducation & trainingprograms Photo: Paul Krueger
  29. 29. Other Forms of Active Transportation South False Creek, VancouverDesign facilities thatwork for other typesof activetransportation Photo: Paul Krueger
  30. 30. TRANSITPhoto: Eileen Kuettel
  31. 31. Work with PartnersSupport increasedcapacity & ensureservice that is:• Fast• Frequent• Reliable• Accessible• Comfortable
  32. 32. Support Key Transit ImprovementsWork with partners todeliver rapid transit inthe BroadwayCorridor Photo: Ian MacPhee
  33. 33. Support Key Transit Improvements LondonAdvocate for newfinancingmechanisms, e.g.:• Vehicle levies• Congestion pricing
  34. 34. Transit Supportive Public RealmBus BulgesShelters & FurnitureQueue JumpersSignal & Lane Priority Photo: Spacing Magazine (Flickr)
  36. 36. Parking ApproachesContinue to lowerparking minimums &implement maximumallowances
  37. 37. Parking Approaches Spectrum Development with Unbundled Parking, VancouverUnbundle parking &housing costs Photo: Google Streetview
  38. 38. Parking Approaches Parking Sensors, San FranciscoBetter manage curbspace Photo: Matthew Roth
  39. 39. Parking Approaches Building with spare parking capacity, VancouverApproach parking asa “district resource” Photo: Google Streetview
  40. 40. Other Demand Management Ideas Car-sharing, VancouverOther actions:• Expand support for car-sharing• Advocate for pay- as-you drive insurance• Support tele-work programs Photo: Neal LaMontagne
  41. 41. LOW CARBON VEHICLESPhoto: Don McKillican
  42. 42. Support Low-Carbon Vehicles Electric VehicleRequire charginginfrastructure in newbuildingsDevelop retrofitprograms for existingbuildings
  43. 43. Taxis Hybrid Taxi, VancouverSupport electric taxiswith plug-in standsSupport multi-modaltrips with bike rackson taxis
  44. 44. GOODS & SERVICESPhoto: Don McKillican
  45. 45. Goods & ServicesProtect rail corridors& increase rail-basedgoods movementcapacity
  46. 46. Goods & Services Small Service Vehicle, CopenhagenEncourage “right-sizing” of delivery &service vehicles Photo: Paul Krueger
  47. 47. Goods & Services Hybrid Electric Delivery Truck, VancouverPromote low-impactgoods movement Photo: Richard Eriksson
  48. 48. Goods & Services Shift Electric Delivery Tricycle, VancouverPromote low-impactgoods movement
  49. 49. Goods & Services CarGoTram, Dresden, GermanyConsider using transitinfrastructure duringoff-peak periods Photo: kaffeeeinstein (Flickr)
  50. 50. Give us your feedback and help usmake a great city even greater. • Share your ideas and concerns • Think about the big picture
  51. 51. Stay involved and help usinvolve others too: • Visit • Spread the word!