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Target audience profile


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Target audience profile

  1. 1. Target Audience
  2. 2. So what are we looking for?
  3. 3. Demographics In terms of demographics we are looking at young adults around 16-24. The reason being is that when we turn 16 a whole new ideal on life is opened up and we begin to understand how the world works; the reason it ends at 24 is that at around 24 we have settled into a full time job and fully understand the hierarchy of society. However during these ages it is often stereotyped that young adults become rebellious and explore new viewpoints of the world. So the ideal of “conscious rap” exploring these ideologies in society will appeal to these people.
  4. 4. Psychographics It is an obvious observation that the demographic perspective I was talking about in the previous slide is a generalisation and not everyone in the world thinks in the same way as each other. Therefore the psychographics of my target audience help to narrow down the audience. Essentially from a stereotyped perspective I am aiming my music at people that do extreme sports such as free running and skateboarding; as these are often the people that are rebellious to society. The audience will also come from more urban areas, as these are the places where rap is more frequently noticed. The audience will also like to feel unique in the sense of clothing and style so will most likely have coloured vibrant hair and an outrageous clothing style.
  5. 5. So lets picture this.
  6. 6. Hi I’m Elle I am 17! The reason I like conscious rap is because it allows me to explore my own mind and how the world works. Although I listen to this genre of music often I have to say my favourite is alternative rock for the rebelliousness within the lyrics. My favourite artists/bands are The Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, G-Eazy and Macmiller I like to dress alternatively as it makes me feel difference…as if my own little rebellion to society! You can probably see this through my hair! I come from New Addington, in Croydon. A rural, mostly woodland area. I am currently studying A level Drama, French, Psychology and Health and Social. It is a lot of work and just sometimes it dampens my perspective on life, when I feel like this I listen to conscious rap. I would say that I am heavily influenced by the people around me like friends and family. Yet music does influence my view on society and some actions a fair amount… I am currently dating a guy that actually introduced me to new musicians within the genre, before him I just listened to G-Eazy and Macmiller, however he introduced me to artists such as Travis Scott and Ab-soul. These other artists help me to create my own psychological rebellion to the world!
  7. 7. My favourite genre of music is conscious rap. Purely because of the pure complexity and meaning behind the lyrics. My favourite artists are Jimmi Hendrix, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lemar and Ab- Soul. For me my image depends on my mood and I am currently studying A2 Media, Drama and English Literature. Although I neglect to admit it often, I am heavily influenced by the music industry; meaning the songs and videos. Since I started acquiring my own taste in music at around 11 I have ventured more into complex songs, as oppose to what I listened to with my family, alternative rock. The more conscious types of music allow me to explore how the world works in ways I never used to see. It also effects how I dress and even some sports I take up. For example a fan made video to a Kid Cudi song made me want to take up skateboarding. often my mood is effected by music so if I am listening to more up beat music like G-Eazy I dress smarter whereas is I am in a conscious mood listening to Mac Miller I dress in baggy hoodies and shorts. However both styles are accompanied by monotone colour schemes as I, well, like black and white clothing. I come from Downham which is a more rural part of Bromley. Currently dating a girl that is really cool, I guess, like she is able to understand my perspective on how the world works and agrees, it isn’t necessarily true it’s just we believe that the world is run poorly and us discussing serious topics acts like a mini rebellion to society. She also listens to the lesser known music that I listen to which is different...probably why we think the same. Hi my name is Sam and I am 17