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SMM Client Presentation- KG MH

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SMM Client Presentation- KG MH

  1. 1. Kim GeorgeMorgan Hoey
  2. 2.  Ummm Who is Kuhn’s? What did we actually do? 2 good things What we would change? The Journey How we feel now Life lessons Should we do it again?
  3. 3.  Opened in 1853, Kuhn’s Jewelers is the city’s oldest jewelry store and the sixth continuously operated jewelry business in the nation Family Owned and Operated Host promotional events: Third Friday, Ladies night, ect. Main demographic: 40yrs and over upper-class women and Bridal  Target demographic for social media: 20yrs to 30yrs young professionals
  4. 4.  Branch in to new target market Pintrest, Twitter, Facebook, Constant Contact Liza Twilley Ran a contest! OPENED EYES!
  5. 5.  Great Plan! Learned how to deal with the … Ok so now what...
  6. 6.  Understand what they would realistically be ready willing and able to do
  7. 7.  Overall it was worthwhile Learned to create great plans Learned about the dynamics of client work
  8. 8.  Out of Control Relived it was over Disappointed with results
  9. 9.  Communication is key in client work, specifically in terms of expectations
  10. 10.  Yes! Valuable lessons for creating social media plans Learned how to communicate and work with clients Professional experience in the classroom
  11. 11.  rugikCAmeh9YRMG8nFBeS0IqYRaSHr4eLSw https://encrypted- LkBLw3X5J5CQR6L8 https://encrypted- chSujvRalYA3MsWf3s8leVHq-w https://encrypted- WM0Jdw5xXzLBQX_ "Kuhns Jewelers." A Brief History ~ ~ Fine Jewelry and Engagement Rings in Salisbury, Maryland ~ Est. 1853. Sunrise Design, 2011. Web. 04 Dec. 2012. <>. "Kuhns Jewelers." Kuhns Today ~ ~ Fine Jewelry and Engagement Rings in Salisbury, Maryland ~ Est. 1853. Sunrise Design, 2011. Web. 04 Dec. 2012. <>.

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