Rotary International District 9125, How we increased our membership in 2011-12- Felix Obadan


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Felix Obadan's presentation at the Reach out to Africa "Off and Running" Meeting in Livingstone, Zambia on 22-23 July, 2012

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Rotary International District 9125, How we increased our membership in 2011-12- Felix Obadan

  1. 1. District Governor Felix A.E. ObadanRotary International District 9125INCREASE IN MEMBERSHIP DURING THEROTARY YEAR 2011/2012
  2. 2. MEMBER EXTENSIONThe biggest factor responsible for increase in Membership of our District in 2011/2012 Rotary Year is the formation of New Clubs. The following Clubs were chartered in 2011/2012.
  3. 3. Name of Club Club ID Number Membership at 30/6/12 Charter Date1) RC Yola (AUN) 84184 36 25-Nov-20112) RC Ilorin Metro 84337 30 09-Mar-20123) RC Abuja Central 84315 28 09-Mar-20124) RC Abuja Maitama 84457 32 03-May-20125) RC Ibadan Jericho Metro 84406 26 10-Apr-20126) RC Ibadan Forestry 84608 25 22-Jun-20127) Abuja New Dawn (Prov.)
  4. 4. The following are some of the strategy and approach used in the formation of the New Clubs
  5. 5. FORMING CLUBS IN HIGHER INSTITUTION OFLEARNING We observed that many Institutions of Higher Learning in Nigeria are large communities of different professionals running the Institution – both academic and non-academic In addition several professional and business men are doing business with the Institution. So we saw a great opportunity to form Rotary Clubs around these Higher Institutions of Learning
  6. 6. FORMING CLUBS WITH BULK MEMBERSHIP OFMATURED AND MARRIED PROFESSIONALLADIES AND BUSINESS WOMEN We observed that many lady Potential Rotary Materials are finding it difficult to join existing Rotary Clubs because of our cultural constraints and the timing and venue of Rotary Club Meetings In order to capture these ladies for Rotary, we formed a Rotary Club in Abuja around these ladies; The Rotary Club of Maitama The Club chose their Lunch break time and a decent venue and this has attracted several matured professional ladies and Business women. There are a number of men in this Club as well.
  7. 7. FORMING MODEL CLUBS AS REFERENCE POINTOF MINIMUM STANDARD  We observed some of our clubs are in bad shape and their meeting venues are not decent enough for inviting quality professionals and business men to join the clubs  We therefore started to form new clubs with minimum standard expected of a good Rotary Club; we called them Model Clubs
  8. 8. THE MINIMUM STANDARD FOR MODELSINCLUDE Persons whose income are high enough to pay minimum dues of 50, 000 naira ($320) per annum Can afford a meal at hotel/venue of Meeting every week Can pay a minimum of $100 to Rotary Foundation every year. (iv) Have expertise in important areas of Humanitarian project formulation. Have a bit of discretion over their time usage in the normal course of their business. Also we target group of friends who normally flock together because of the bond of friendship amongst them. They are likely to stick together which will enhance stable membership strength of the club.
  9. 9. FORMING CLUBS WITH BULK OFMEMBERS WHO ARE MUSLIM OFNORTHERN NIGERIA ORIGIN We observed that in our District a large chunk of the population are Muslim of Northern origins These are elite professional and business men of Northern origin and they are not joining Rotary partly due to misconception and misinformation of what Rotary is all about We therefore started to form a Club with bulk membership from Muslim of Northern Nigerian origin, using existing Rotarians in various clubs This is what led to the formation of Rotary Club of Abuja Central The idea is to use this Rotary Club as an example to the Northern Muslim professional and businessmen that Rotary is good and is doing good in the communities And that it is in order to be a Rotarian. If this experiment succeeds, it will break the bad label being put on Rotary as a Zionist organization and millions of Muslim Professional and businessmen of Northern Origin can now start to join Rotary Clubs in Droves throughout the District.
  10. 10. LAUDABLE PROJECT BY CLUBS ATTRACTINGMORE MEMBERS We observed that a number of clubs who have shown increase in Membership are those Clubs who have been carrying out laudable projects in their communities So that a lot of other professional and business men who desire to put something back into the society joined these Clubs to fulfill their desires of adding value to the societies and communities
  11. 11. BOND OF FRIENDSHIP AND GREAT FELLOWSHIP We also observed that a number of clubs whose members constantly bond together and have great fellowship within and outside Club fellowship time tend to not only maintain stable membership but have constantly being increasing in membership
  12. 12. YOUNG PROFESSIONAL AND ROTARY FAMILYMEMBERS (FUTURE PLANS) We intend to continue the membership drive through extension by forming new clubs with our Young professionals, some whom are former Rotaractors and our family members like our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and cousins These are people who have been associated with Rotary either directly (as Rotaractors) or indirectly (family members) over the years So Rotary is not really new to them, so all we need to do is to encourage them.
  13. 13. DEDICATED AND COMMITTED ROTARY LEADERSPASSIONATE ABOUT MEMBERSHIP One of the factors responsible for the increase through extension is the dedication, commitment and passion for membership exhibited by some of our Rotary Leaders in the District For example, PDG Joshua Hassan was responsible for the formation of the three clubs formed in Abuja PDG Obafunsho Ogunkeye worked hard to bring Rotary club of Ibadan Jericho Metro into life AG Jumoke Bamigboye worked hard to form Ilorin Metro and I as a DGN worked hard to form Rotary Club of Yola (AUN).
  14. 14. REPLICATE ALL THE SUCCESS IN OTHER PARTSOF THE DISTRICT We intend to replicate the success recorded in other parts of the District
  15. 15. REACHING OUT TO PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONAND BODIES We are forming teams to visit various professional Associations and make presentation to their members and formally invite them to some Rotary Clubs This has been successfully done in Kaduna, one of our biggest cities.
  16. 16. R.I. DISTRICT 9125 MEMBERSHIP STATISTICS During ROTA last year Membership Strength was – 1278 Current Membership – 1515 Net Increase is therefore – 237 The target set by the immediate Past District Governor – 322 Short fall in meeting the target – 85 During ROTA last year I set target of net membership increase – 400 Together with the shortfall last year of 85 the target increase for this Rotary Year will be – 485 During ROTA last year the current DGE Felix Aninze set a target of Net Membership increase for 2012/2013 – 500 All things being equal and us meeting our target, then we expect membership strength of our District by June 30th 2014 to be – 2,500 As at last year ROTA, number of clubs in our District was – 62 Now the number of clubs in our District is – 69
  17. 17. Thank You