Presentation for wellington sept 12


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Presentation to ANZEA Wellington group on 26th of September 2012.

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  • Images from the report – link is below- Link to report: Link to story -
  • The report can be accessed by: Image is from blog : Report comes from: where is can be downloaded
  • Using digital stories to show outcomes for communities
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  • NYPL on voicethread:
  • Presentation for wellington sept 12

    1. 1. Telling the story of refugees throughParticipatory Action Research
    2. 2. Telling the story of Māori networks in the public service Telling the story of change in public serviceFirst Māori staff hui at Maraeroa Marae, Waitangirua, 1988
    3. 3. Web 2.0 tools give us the opportunity to connect,communicate and collaborate easily withothers around the world.
    4. 4. Participating in the digital worldBody of scholarship suggests benefits of participatory culture . . . Access to this participatory culture functions as a new form of the hidden curriculum, shaping which youth will succeed and which will be left behind as they enter school and the workplace. Jenkins, 2009
    5. 5. “[Web 2.0 is] a social medium which creates andfacilitates interactions between people, in a waythat the web was supposed to be in the earlydays.” (AK)
    6. 6. Colorado Culture Change Coalition
    7. 7. The Big Idea
    8. 8. Link to other reports etc EvaluationReport
    9. 9. Alan Levine cogdogblog.com
    10. 10. In terms of the value of blogging for our researchproject, it provides an opportunity for me to reflecteach week on progress and write a brief summarywhere there is anything of value to be reported. Amailing list also exists for the project team, but the Dr Janeblog is a way to engage with others outside the Secker,team and keep them updated with progress. It has DELILAalso proved useful as a record of achievements projectwhen writing the interim project report for the managerfunders.
    11. 11. Laura Lorenz, October 2011
    12. 12. Story of community change – google maps
    13. 13. Oral and written comments can be made
    14. 14. Focus on the outcomes in this section
    15. 15. is h at W y m a? ide b ig Wh ere I am am try emo ing h Ier ve ve to W m ?o fro them to oo m? ng m t yi e tr th
    16. 16. For more information: email rosalind.dibley@gmail.comInformation from slide will be available from:
    17. 17. Images:• Slide 1 – image: grandpa‑ telling‑ stories‑norval‑ morrisseau.JPG from• Slide 2 – image from report and presenter’s photograph• Slide 3 – images from the Centre for Digital Storytelling:, Wordle comes from• Slide 4 – Image from the Department of Internal Affairs photo library• Slide 5 – image from p.7 of How to Guide: Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators by Silvia Tolisano:• Slide 6 –Slide 9 from Caroline Cerveny, accessible from:• Slide 7: From Jenkins: %7D/JENKINS_WHITE_PAPER.PDF• Slide 8 – image from• Slide 9 – spider web:• Slide 10 - image from blog:• Side 12 – New Yorker image:• Slides 13/14 – came from a presentation from Nancy Duarte, accessed through: reinvention.html• Slide 15 – image from• Slide 16 – image: einsteinradicaltrustdarlenefitcher.jpg from• Slide 17 – image:• Slide 18 – image adapted from p.19 of Participatory Documentary Cookbook by Jenny Wright• Slide 27 – images from• Slide 28 – image from web page:• Slide 30 – image from web page:• Slide 31 –• Slide 32 - from the Department of Internal Affairs Statement of Intent: framework.html
    18. 18. To access web information I referred to, follow the links below:• Slide 3 – Centre for Digital Storytelling –• Slide 5 – How to Guide: Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators by Silvia Tolisano:• Slide 6 – Caroline Cerveny’s presentation:• Slide 7 – Henry Jenkin’s report: E807E1B0AE4E%7D/JENKINS_WHITE_PAPER.PDF• Slide 8 – report for the British Library:• Slide 11 – info on Colorado Cultural Change Coalition:!home/mainPage• Slide 16 – Participatory Documentary Cookbook by Jenny Wright:• Slide 17 – Families First evaluation story:• Slide 19 – Alan Levine’s extremely informative wiki:• Slide 20 – using a blog for a research project:• Slide 22 – unquiet librarian is at:• Slide 22 – Families first evaluation:• Slide 23 – Information about patient voices:• Slide 24/25 – Laura Lorenz presentations from:• Slide 26 – Report available from:• Slide 27 - Tech Soup story:• Slide 28 – Sound cloud audio:• Slide 29 – Google map: ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=103763259662194171141.000001119b4b42bf062c2• Slide 30 – New York Public Library on voice thread:• Slide 32 – my story: