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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Social Media By Laura Wilson, Lecturer II Anne Arundel Community College AFACCT Conference 2012Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland Session 7.8. January 6, 2012
  2. 2. Visual Learning
  3. 3. Social Media“Social media is, at its most basicsense, a shift in how peoplediscover, read, and share news andinformation and content. It’s a fusionof sociology and technology,transforming monologue into dialog. - Solis, 2007
  4. 4. Visual Learning“Due to multitasking, kids are becoming veryvisual learners, and are straining away fromauditory and kinesthetic learning.” - Claudia Wallis "The Multitasking Generation" Changing Society!/CrowHillConversations
  5. 5. Example:
  6. 6. Issues • Sexual predators • Data theft • Viruses
  7. 7. Facebook• 50% of active users log on daily• 6th most trafficked site in the U.S.• Over 500 million users• More than 8 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide).• Fastest growing demographic is 35 years and older.
  8. 8. Facebook• Average user has 130 friends• Over 240,000 applications addresses-privacy.html• More than 6 million active groups on site• 140 new applications added each day• More than 95% of users have at least 1 application Examples:!/wikiHow?sk=wall
  9. 9. Twitter
  10. 10. @betajamesJames SchirmerRT@DelaneyKirk: “Tweeting, blogging or posting online could soon become part of your job.” #eng111#345tw 10 March 2010
  11. 11. Privacy Issues "This Twitter is somethin else. You know, in the old days, a congressman had to chisel images of his penis on limestone." - Jon Stewart Jon Stewart .. The Daily Show
  12. 12. Twitter • Around 5 million users• 1 million tweets posted daily• 140 character limit on tweets • #hash tag tweets for categories and trends er_embedded&v=6WPVWDkF7U8
  13. 13. Twitter Benefits• Increased participation • Overcome shyness • Classroom unity
  14. 14. Success Stories Paul R. Allison, a teacher at the East Bronx Academy in NY, built a site called Youth Twitter. This site allows teachers to edit students tweets by granting them "administrator" status. This came out of a concern with the lack of control teachers had with Twitter.
  15. 15. Success StoriesGeorge Mayo, an eighth grade English teacher at Silver Spring International Middle School in Montgomery County, Md., used Twitter to collaboratively write a story by his students.Mayo invited his students and students around the world to add to an ongoing story with individual tweets.After six weeks, more than 100 students and six different  countries rback/%40manyvoices/2579032
  16. 16. Wikis in Education Wikis are great resources for teachers. They can help by:1. Creating an online discussion environment for students.2. Serve as an extra source for information.3. Allow for creative projects. Example of my Wiki:  Examples of others: • Vicki Davis, Westwood High • flat-classroom-projects-from-a-paricipants-point- of-view/#comment-1018 • Jason Welker, Zurich International School •Mercy Vocational High School students in Philadelphia
  17. 17. Wiki IdeasCreate an online text for your curriculum that you and your students can contribute to. Consider adding other students or teachers.Students could create their own class Wikipedia. Forexample, if it’s a physics class, post & edit entries that deal with the structure of the atom or ionization. Students could add graphics and links, annotations and reflections. Just like blogs, they could post PowerPoint presentations, video and audio files and spreadsheets.
  18. 18. Expectations Provide clear and explicit course expectations  Assign meaningful, authentic activities  Include a common goal for collaborative activities  Define and identify student roles, activities, and assessments  Remind students of course deadlines and schedules  Model examples of collaborative activities
  19. 19. Instructions Include detailed wiki instructions or a link on the home page and provide time for practice  Provide a sandbox or a practice wiki.  Create individual student pages and ask them to answer 5 questions about themselves and insert a picture.  Post wiki conventions  Example of what you might post for Wiki Etiquette. Be patient with students and realize they mayrequire technical assistance as they learn how to participate in a wiki environment  Create a culture of trust  Include some icebreaker activities.  Monitor activity at first to engage shy students.  View examples on
  20. 20. Socratic Teaching1. Keep the discussion focused2. Keep the discussion responsible3. Stimulate the discussion with probing questions4. Periodically summarize5. Draw students into the discussion
  21. 21. iPads• Mobile learning• 3D learning (mirror image lecturing)   
  22. 22. iPads in the Classroom
  23. 23. Media ConsumptionVideosMusicPodcastsBooks
  24. 24. Create & Produce Content
  25. 25. Participation/InteractionPartner ActivitiesEntire class interactionDuring classOutside of class
  26. 26. Participation/InteractionGroupboardEdmodoPollingTwitterFacebookBlackboardSkypee-mail
  28. 28. TutorialsShowmeExplain EverythingEducreationsSkitch
  30. 30. Speaking ActivitiesFotobabbleAudiobooVoicethreadShowmeExplain everythingScreen ChompDoodlecastPuppet Pals/ Sock Puppets
  31. 31. Writing ActivitiesDigital Story Books (Storykit, Scribble Press)PostcardsComic StripsPoppletsMind Maps
  32. 32. Video Projects iMovie Storyrobe Videolicious Animoto SonicPics