Oliver's bilby report


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Oliver's bilby report

  1. 1. It's scientific name is Macrotis Lagotis. A bilby is a huge bandicoot that is endangered. It's also a marsupial. It's about the size of a rabbit.
  2. 2. Bilbies were once found in WA,SA,Vic,NSW and Qld but they are now found in parts of Qld,NT and parts of WA.They live in dry places like deserts,grasslands and woodlands.
  3. 3. Bilbies live in the Australian desert and sleep in a burrow underground.Introduced animals are preying for bilbies such as foxes, dingoes etc.
  4. 4. • The bilby's tail weighs 1.25kg.The tail is between 50- 70cm long.It's fur is really soft. They live alone by themselves.There are 2 types of species: The greater bilby and the lesser bilby. The lesser bilby could be extinct because it's not been found since the 1960s because it has been extinct. Bilbies have strong legs to dig burrows. The rabbits were destroying their burrows and bilbies have to make it again!
  5. 5. Bilbies are omnivores. They eat fungi, plants and other animals. They get water from it's food so it doesn't need to drink plain water. It's also famous for the chocolate Easter bilby! This is the life cycle of a bilby: 1. A male and a female bilby come together to give birth. 2. About 2 weeks later, the mother bilby gives birth to about 1 to 3 baby bilbies. The baby climbs to the mother pouch to feed the baby milk. 3. 10 or 11 weeks time, the bilby is big enough to leave the pouch but it stays into the burrow until his mum gets food. 4. After 2 to 3 weeks, the bilbies stay with their mum to find food. after another week, they are ready to leave their mum and start their life alone.
  6. 6. Summarising comments I learned about bilbies habitats. It lives in the Australian Dessert and it sleeps in a burrow under ground. It lives in Qld,NT and WA. I learned about what bilbies eat and the life cycle of a bilby. It's an omnivore because it eats plants and other animals. I learned about where it lives and what it looks like. It looks like a rabbit and it's a large bandicoot. A bilby looks so cute!!
  7. 7. Intro about bilbies - Slide 1 Where it lives - Slide 2 Habitat- Slide 3 More about a bilby - Slide 4 What it eats and life cycle - Slide 5 Summarising comments – Slide 6 Index – Slide 7 Glossary – Slide 8 References – Slide 9
  8. 8. Glossary Bilby- A large bandicoot. Burrow- A little home for bilbies Extinct- Cannot been seen in the world forever Endangered- Seriously at risk of extinction Omnivores- A animal that eats plants and other animals
  9. 9. References Bilbies and bandicoots by the Macmillan Library Mammals by Jane Pearson Deserts by Greg Pyers
  10. 10. References Bilbies and bandicoots by the Macmillan Library Mammals by Jane Pearson Deserts by Greg Pyers