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Bilbies by Matthew


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Bilbies by Matthew

  1. 1. Contents What bilbies are Page 2 Shapes and sizes Page 3 Where they live Page 4 What do they do Page 5 Summarising comment Page 6 Glossary Page 7 Bilbies by Matthew
  2. 2. Bilbies are a big bandicoot and they are a threatened species of animal in Australia . Image: 'A sweet little bilby. Macrotis lagotis' 938662 Found on
  3. 3. This animal has fur and it is a nocturnal animal . They also are 50-70 cm long and they are marsupials . That means they have a pouch. Image: 'A sweet little bilby. Macrotis lagotis' 938662 Found on
  4. 4. Bilbies are found in the Gibson , Tanami and the Great sandy deserts, Kimberly in WA and a small part of western Queensland . In the 1960s the lesser Bilby became extinct . A bilby sleeps underground .
  5. 5. They hunt at night since they are nocturnal . They dig a burrow to keep cool. They eat worms, spiders, insects, grasshoppers and fungi also geckos .
  6. 6. A bilby is a big bandicoot that lives in Australia . They eat insects, fungi and geckos. They are also threatened.
  7. 7. Glossary Marsupial is a animal that has a pouch. Nocturnal means it sleeps at the day and wakens at night. A burrow is a hole that animals dig.