Animals in danger 5th B


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The work of pupils of 5thB of San Gregorio School, Aguilar de Campoo, Palencia (Spain)

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Animals in danger 5th B

  1. 1. ANIMALS <br />IN <br />DANGER<br />5th B<br />San Gregorio School<br />Aguilar de Campoo <br />
  2. 2. Kiwis in danger<br /> Kiwis are birdsbuttheycan´tfly. Theylive in forests in New Zealand.<br /> Kiwis are smallerthanducks. Kiwi eggs are 15cm long-that´sverybig!<br />Kiwis havegotlongbeaks and theyeatworms and insects.<br />In 1930 therewerefivemillion kiwis in New Zealandbuttodaythere are onlyseventythousand. Kiwis are in dangerbecausetheylivenearpeople, and petdogs and catskillbaby kiwis.<br />
  3. 3. Spanishlynxes<br />Spanishlynxes are bigcats. .Theyhavegotlonglegs, largefeetand longhairsonthe top of theirears. Their home is in Mediterraneanforest, buttherearen´tmany of theseforests. Now, theylive in Spain and Portugal. Thespanishlynxes are thesmallest of thebigcats. Theyeatsmallungulates. Todaythere are only a fewhundredstill living. In 1983 thereweresevenmillions. Thespanishlynxesare in dangerbecausethepoacherwantstohuntthem. <br />
  4. 4. PANDA IN DANGER <br />Panda is a mammal. They live in China and North America. Theyeatbamboo. This animal are in danger grade: thereatenet. They are omnivores. There are smaller than the brown bear.There is a good slepeer.<br />
  5. 5. Snow leopard in danger<br />Thesnowleopardis a feliadecarnivore. Todaytheydon´tlive more than 2500 snowleopards. They are in dangerbecausepeoplehuntthembyitshair. <br />Theylive in highmountains of Asia and they are thequietest of bigcats. In winteritsfurgrowsbecauseisverycold. .They can climbwell and theyspend a lot of time in thetrees. Hunters lovetheirwinterfur.<br />
  6. 6. American buffalo<br />Buffalois a mammal.<br />It has gotdarkbrownfur in winter, but in summeritbecomes more clear.<br />Theylives in theterritory of North America.<br />Theyhavegotthesamesize as a human.<br />In 1930 therewere 40.000.000 and todaythere are 25.000.<br />This animal is in danger, becausethehumanshuntthemforherfur.<br />
  7. 7. Tigers in danger<br />The tigers of Bengala eat meat. They are catsand mammals. They are fast, but they are slower than the Cheetah. The tiger of Bengala is smaller than the lion. The country ofthe tigers of Bengala is Asia, in the India. Today there are only 3700 tigers, because there are many hunters.<br />
  8. 8. POLAR BEAR<br />Polar bearslive in places whereitisverycold. They are mammal and they are carnivores. Theyeatseals and smallfish. Theyswimverywell and slow.<br />Theyhavegot short tail and they are white.<br />Theyhavegot a lot of greasetoprotect of thecold. They are viviparous. They are in danger, becausethepeoplewantstohuntthem.<br />
  9. 9. Brown Bears in Syria<br />Brown bears are mammals. Brown bearscan runveryfast. Theylive in far south of theSinaiPeninsula. Brown bears are bigger than dogs.<br />Brown bears son are 40 cm long. Brown bears are very tall and they have got short legs. Brown bears are omnivores eat meat, fish, fruit , letuce... In 1800 there were 50,000 brown bears in Syria. They are in danger because the hunters want their fur.<br />
  10. 10. Lizard<br />The Lyre Head Lizard is reptile . They live in wet zone rainforest. They live in Sri Lanka. This animal is in danger by deforestation and collection for the pet industry. They eat insects. They have got 4 legs and a tail. The Lyre Head Lizard is listed as Near Threatened, but monitoring of the population and distribution are needed to ensure that no significant declines do occur. In 2005, it was estimated that only 5% of the original wet zone rainforest.<br />
  11. 11. Wolf in danger<br />It is a carnivore. They live in the North Pole or in the forests.<br />Their hair is grey but the arctic wolfs´ hair is white. Their hair gives them the hot and the golf stay to taste. They are bigger than the fox. They eat animals as the sheep, rabbits and other animals. They can visit the wolf in the zoos or on the reserves. You and your friends might be able to help the rangers in the conservation work.<br />
  12. 12. SEAHORSE<br />The seahorse is in danger. Sea horse lives in the sea, in the marsh. Today there are 100,000 seahorse. They cling their wings to algae so they will not take the tides. They eat algae. The sharks eat them and his eggs. They are smaller than a fish . It is like a worm. <br />
  13. 13. THE FALCON IN DANGER<br />Falcon is the fastest bird. They live in the forest. Falcons are big. Falcon eggs are 20cm long, it is very big. Falcons have got small beaks and they eat invertebrates and animals meat. They are carnivorous. In 1.950 there were 10,000,000,today there are 40,000. Falcons are in danger because their habitat is in danger.<br />