Customer: Ms.Aleva                                      Animal: Koala                                      Report by: Feli...
leaves. Koalas live in the eastern of Australia. They can be found on lot ofeucalyptus trees. All species of koala rather ...
koala can also weight up about 32 in (80cm). Koalas can even grow about24-34in (60-85 cm). Koalas can even live about 13 a...
solitary animals. Koalas also have distinct home ranges that are so rare toleave it. But the male koalas are not territori...
and to get out of their birth canal, and into their mother’s pouch.Sometimes after 6 months when it is time for the joey t...
years of this century there were once millions of koalas now there is morethen thousands of koalas living with us today. T...
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Koala report for micheal boglino


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This was a report on the koala that I wrote for my friend and for my teacher aid Micheal bogilno and Ms.Aleva

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Koala report for micheal boglino

  1. 1. Customer: Ms.Aleva Animal: Koala Report by: Felicia Ferentinos Koala Report A Koala is an herbivore which means it can only eat vegetation. Thekoala only eats the eucalyptus leaves. The only food that the koala enjoys isthe eucalyptus species. There are 600 different types of eucalyptus leavesthat grow in Australia. Just like wombats and sloths koalas can conservetheir energy by sleeping they can sleep about 19 hours in each day. Koalasspent their whole day sleeping and resting. Koalas sometimes spent theirtime eating. They can eat about 3 or 5 hours of eating food. Koalas can befed in every moment of the day. But usually they spent the most of theirtime sleeping. A koala can eat about 500 grams of eucalyptus leaves inevery day. A koala can chew the leaves with their powerful jaws to verysmall pieces of leaf before they are ready to swallow the leaves. Koalas canstore their unchewed leaves into their cheek pouches. Koalas have anamazing sense of smell which they can use to look for the eucalyptusleaves. Some people call the eucalyptus leaves the gum tree. Koalas canalso use their sense of smell to make sure that the gum leaves have edibleand they are not poison. Some koala’s species sometimes eat two or threeeucalyptus leave species. But if the species of the eucalyptus are not readyto grow. Then the koalas will not eat at all that day. This is probably thereason why the koalas that are in zoos that can be found around the worldare extremely successful with koala exhibits. When the koala does find aeucalyptus tree then they will not climb down to the ground again. Theywill get down from the tree when the leaves are diminished, or if the koalawants to go for a drink of water from streams. When the koala is on theground they can run as fast as a rabbit. Koalas can eat about 50 or 600species of eucalyptus trees that can grow around Australia. Eucalyptusleaves are a very poisonous plant. They can be vey poisonous to otheranimals that live in Australia. But the poison does not stop the koala fromeating it because koalas have very good bacteria that is located in theanimal’s stomach that can break down the leaves. Koalas usually eat theirfood during the night. Koalas can only eat their eucalyptus leaves becausethey are highly toxic. There are about 350 species of eucalyptus trees. Theeucalyptus can only be digest when they eat 20 or 5 pieces of eucalyptus
  2. 2. leaves. Koalas live in the eastern of Australia. They can be found on lot ofeucalyptus trees. All species of koala rather eat different types of leaves. Allspecies of koala all live in the trees and they can be seen in different typesof locations. Like the Victoria koala they live on the farthest south that canbe found on cold areas. These koalas have thin fur. The other species ofkoala that lives in other part of Australia. This koala is called theQueensland Koala they live in very warm areas which is in the north ofAustralia. The New south wale koalas live in both areas the warm and thecold areas. The koalas range is the south eastern and in the eastern ofAustralia. Their habitat is the scrubland and the eucalyptus forest. Koalasare found along the eastern coast of Australia that is near the Adelaidewhich is in the Southern part of the Cape York Peninsula. They can be foundin the hinterland where they have a lot of rainfall so that the rain can helpthe forest grow more trees and flowers. The koalas that live in the South ofAustralia they were exterminated during the 20th century. Today koalas arenot found on the Tasmania and in Western Australia. Koalas are also foundin the forest of Australia. The only part that they live is in the eastern partof Australia. They usually live in the dry forests. Some species of koalas thatlive in colder areas to. These areas are in the South part of Australia. Thesekoalas are very big and they have very thick fur then the koalas that live inthe northern relatives. The southern koalas can weigh about 20 and 30pounds (9 and 14 kilograms). The northern koalas can weight about 13 to16 pounds (6 and 7 kilograms). A male koala size is 75-82cm (20. 5-32,3in).A female koala’s size is about 68-73 cm (26. 8-28, 7in). A male koala canweight about 9. 5 -12,5kg (20. 9-29.816) and a female can weight about 7-9,8kg (15,421, 616). Koalas can length is 2 -3 feet (60 to 85 centimeters). ANorthern koala can also weight about 9 to 19 pounds (4 to 85kilometers).The Southern koalas can also weight about 15 to 29 pounds (7to 13 kilometers). The koala can grow about 2 to 3 feet (0.6.9m) long. Theycan weight about 10-30 pounds (4.5-13.5 kg). A koala can also weight about15 and 20 pounds. The males are bigger then the females. The Southernkoalas are the bigger and they also have brown fur then the koalas that livein the north. A male other length that has been recorded is 78 cm and thefemales length is 72cm. A male can weight about 12kg and the females canweight about 8kg. Koalas can usually live about 10 and 15 years. The koalasthe live in the wild can live about 12 or 14 years. Koalas can also live about13 years in the wild to and they can also live about 18 years in Captivity. A
  3. 3. koala can also weight up about 32 in (80cm). Koalas can even grow about24-34in (60-85 cm). Koalas can even live about 13 and 18 years. Malekoalas that live in the wild can live about 10 years. The females can only liveabout few years or even longer then males do. Some people may call thekoala bear but the koala is not a bear but they do have something’s incommon with bears which is they both are mammals. They both haverounded fuzzy ears and they all look cute and cuddly. Just like a teddy bear.But koalas are not a part of the bear family. They are part of a special groupthat is called marsupials. This group includes other animals like thekangaroo, wallabies, wallaroos, wombats, possums and opossums. Theseanimals only live in Australia and except for the opossums they live in NorthAmerica. But even though they kind of look like bears. A marsupial is ananimal that has a pouch to protect their young. Koalas look like teddybears. People have found fossils of different species of koala that areextinct. The koalas that are extinct were lot bigger then the koalas that wehave today. They used to be called giant koalas. Koalas have a very thickcoat of fur. They also have very big ears and long limbs. All of these bodyparts help the koala to survive in its natural habitat. All of these things helpthe koalas for survive it’s habitat. Koalas also have very sharp curved clawsthat can help the animal to climb trees. These climbs are also useful forhanging on to branches. Each species of koala can eat about two and a halfpounds (one kilogram) of leaves in every day. Koalas can store their foodinto their pouches which is located in the cheeks. In The San Diego Zoo hadthe biggest population and the greatest successful koala breeding programthat is outside of Australia and was ever the first zoo in the United States towelcome a baby koala joey. Koalas are not related to any of the wild bearslike the grizzly bear and the black bear. But their really close relates are thewombats and the possums and other small animals that can be found onSouth America and in North America. The koala maybe cute and cuddy butit is a wild animal which means they do not make good pets. A koala canclimb a tree by using their special hands and feet. The koala’s hands andfeet both have claws. The koala’s hands only have two thumbs, and theanimal’s ridged skin at the bottom of the animal’s foot. This skin gives thekoala the strength to climb. Koalas have very strong arms and shouldermuscles they help the koala to climb a 150 feet (46 meters) at the top of atree. This also helps the animal to leap to the next treetop to the othertreetop. The female koalas usually live alone which means that they are
  4. 4. solitary animals. Koalas also have distinct home ranges that are so rare toleave it. But the male koalas are not territorial. They do not tolerate witheach other they even do this during the breeding season. The dominantmale can attack any of the subordinate ones. But some adult males carryscars faces ears and forearms this shows how much harder they fraughtwith their enemies. Koalas can be a very quiet animal. But not the malesthey have a very loud advertising call that can be heard over a kilometeraway. This sound can be usually heard during the breeding season. Just likeany other marsupial babies are usually called a joey. A koala joey can live intheir mother’s backward-facing pouch like about months that is how longthe baby will remain inside its mother. All different types of marsupials thisalso includes koalas they begin their lives very different then othermammals. The mother koala will give birth to unfinished babies. They willonly remain inside the mother’s pouch about 30 days. After the 30 days hadpasted then the joey will become blind and deaf infant only about threequarters of an inch long emerges. The joey will make about 5 minutes toclimb on its mothers pouch. When the baby is inside the mother’s pouchthen the baby will attach itself to a milk source. Joeys will hide from theworld until they reach 6 months. The size of a newborn koala is .015 to.035. Female koalas will reach maturity in about 2 or 3 years. A male willreach sexual maturity when they are 3 or 4 years old. If the koala is healthythen the female can produce only one baby in each year like for 12 years.Their Gestation period is in 35 days. A koala having twins usually neverhappens. Koalas will start to mate in between December through March inthe Southern Hemisphere in the summer. A baby joey can be hairless andearless when it is born. A newborn joey can be small as a jellybean. Thebaby will can be small as a jellybean. The baby will feed on the mother’smilk about 6 months when the baby has pasted 30 weeks then it can startto eat semi-liquid that is formed in the mother’s excrement that is called apap. The baby will travel on its mother’s back about for 6 months and it canalso feed on both milk and gum leaves until they reach 12 months of age.The young females will remain in a nearby place at this time. The youngmales will often stay in their mother’s home range when they reach theages of 2 or 3 years old. Joeys can be born naked and are not fully furredyet until they have been in their mother’s pouch about 6 months. A babykoala can even climb without even seeing or hearing when the joey bornthen it will use its strong forelimbs and hands to help them to crawl away
  5. 5. and to get out of their birth canal, and into their mother’s pouch.Sometimes after 6 months when it is time for the joey to leave the pouchthen it can go inside the pouch to hide or to sleep. Joeys can also ride onthe mother’s belly. When the baby gets to big to fit inside the pouch thenthe baby will climb onto its mothers back. Joeys can hold on to theirmother’s back by using their strong hands and feet. After a year then thejoey can take care of itself. A koala mother will be pregnant like about 34 to36 days. Females will start to give birth when they are 2 or 3 years old. Ahealthy female will only have one baby in about more than 10 years. Thebaby will get food by the mother will start to drink the milk then it will startto eat eucalyptus leaves. The mother will stop feeding her baby until thebaby reaches 12 months old. After the 12 months then the female baby willbe able to leave its mother at this time and they will start to move to adifferent forest area, so that the joey female will start a family of its own.The male will stay with their mother until they are around 2 or 3 years old.When the male does leave its mother then it will go out to find a mate. Thebaby will spend the first months hiding inside the mother’s pouch that is onthe front of the mother. At this time the baby can only do nothing but drinkthe mother’s milk that is produced by the mother. When the baby has furthen the baby will be able to see or hear then it is ready to start exploringthe world outside the mother’s warm pouch. In the first time the emergesthat is formed inside the pouch. The baby will be ready to get out of thepouch when it is 8 inches long and then the baby will be ready to come outof the pouch and of course help from the mom. After the baby is out of thepouch then it will start to eat eucalyptus leaves. From thousands of yearsin the past the Aborigines hunt the koala for their fur to make meat. Thekoala has a few natural predators that can sometimes easily kill a koalawhich are a dingo or a large owl. But the most dangerous treats for a koalaare motor vehicles and dogs. So the best place for a koala is high up in thetall trees. The koalas that were in the past they were killed to make coats.This has happen between the 1919 through the 1924 eight million koalaswere killed during these years. But today koalas face a really dangeroustreat which is predation from the domestic dog and a disease that had beenspreading all over their population. They are also being run over by cars.But there is one thing that koalas can’t protect their selves from that is lossof habitat. In the 1900’s koalas coats were a rage in Australia. People havekilled 8 million koalas in 5 years for the supply of the demand. In the past
  6. 6. years of this century there were once millions of koalas now there is morethen thousands of koalas living with us today. These numbers begin tohappen in the 1887 in 2 years it also happen again in the 1900 which were 3years from then. People had spread a disease that has killed a lot of koalas.People are also killing them for sport when the koala is sitting up in thetreetop. Sometimes people would shoot strength at the koala. Koala’shomes are getting destroyed by forest fires. They are also makingagriculture and towns over their habitats. People used to sale koala fur atmarkets in Australia to make thick. The extinction rate is really high inAustralia than any other place in the world. Koalas had disappeared fromdifferent parts of the continent when many of their eucalyptus trees aregetting cut down to make lots of room for towns and farms. In easternAustralia people are trying to take care of the koalas. There are a lot ofplaces that have cross roadways that can reach water or healthy trees.Signs have been warning drivers to be on the look out for these cute andfurry looking creatures. There are people that want these animals to liveon. If we keep our support for the habitat conservation projects that areworking ways with for the koala to live us for the years to come. That iswhat I know about the koala.